An asteroid larger than the pyramid of Cheops is approaching the Earth

A large asteroid 2015 KJ19 in size, probably larger than the pyramid of Cheops, will fly as close as possible near our planet today.According to astrophysicists, the diameter of a space object can range from 88 to 200 meters. For comparison, the height of the pyramid of Cheops is 147 meters.

According to NASA, the size of this celestial body is about 118 meters (about the length of a football field). It is approaching at a fairly high speed – 23 km/sec., or over 88 thousand km/h.

This asteroid will fly as close to Earth as possible this afternoon, at about one o'clock Moscow Time. However, the nearest point of the flight vector will be at a distance of 15 times farther than from our planet to the Moon. This is approximately over 7.5 million km. Therefore, once again, do not worry, the scientists assured.

It is noted that the orbital period of 2015 KJ19 around the sun exceeds 1094 Earth days.

It is worth noting that the asteroid is considered a relatively small celestial body of the Solar System, which moves around the Star in orbit. They lack an atmosphere and a diverse shape, unlike planets, but there may be satellites.

Recall. at the end of February, it was reported that several large asteroids were approaching the planet at once.


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