An easy recipe for potato bread with cheese! no oven, no eggs!

This is a very simple recipe for fried potato bread with cheese. It is an excellent addition to various types of meat and vegetable salads. The taste and aroma of cheese is perfectly combined with potatoes.

Recipe for cheese and potato bread.

Cheese and potato bread recipe


150 g of potatoes;

200 g of wheat flour;

30 g of sugar;

5 g dry yeast;

30 g butter;

75 g of milk;

2 g of salt;

60 g mozzarella cheese;

Step-by-step preparation:

Mashed potatoes are cooked. Then wheat flour, sugar, dry yeast, salt, milk are added.

The products are mixed well with a spoon, then knead the dough with your hands.


At the end, add a piece of butter. The dough continues to be kneaded. Then it is covered with a film and left to rise for 1 hour.

The dough is divided into 8 equal parts. A ball is formed from each piece. After that, it is rolled into a thin layer 0.5 cm thick, so that the middle of the layer is thinner than its edges. Cheese is divided into 8 equal squares.

A piece of cheese is placed in the center of each layer and wrapped with a ball.

On the gas stove, turn on the minimum heat and heat the pan. A thin layer of vegetable oil is poured on its bottom and the tortillas are fried on both sides until ready.

Cheese and potato bread is served to the table.


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