An unprecedented catastrophe on its loose

  1. 2021 is still a continuation of a tormented year for humanities, as evil of Covid-19 pandemic is still lashing out to our day to day life and livelihoods. In the midst of all these dark clouds, we now have started experiencing, the about to turn the worst crisis in recorded human history and civilisation, the climate change phenomena and it has already commenced to show its most ugly side, which is heat waves across the planet, be it north America, northern hemisphere or south Asia, the heat of these places have become relentless and forming an unforseen atmosphere, which even the best brains never ever estimated. Temperature of these areas hovering in between 43 to 50 degree celcius, as an affect to our daily life, which is gradually impacting.
  2. Now, accelaration of climate change has reached to a level, which scientific community never ever ascertained, but predicted 10 years ago. Unfortunately, neither any government, nor general public took this seriously, and lived life whichever way possible, as a result an imminent danger is knocking at hour doors. As human beings are  directly responsible for this future apocalypse. A cost to be paid by us and generations to come. The effect will be shaken the earth and every living being on it. And we don't have to wait for decades.  continued........


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