Animal Behaviors That Mimic Many Of The Worst Behaviors In Humans

Dolphins Torture And Murder Porpoises For Fun

Most people think of dolphins as cuddly ocean buddies, animals that are extremely smart and incredibly kind. Popular media and people’s imaginations like to fantasize about dolphins saving humans if they are ever caught in the ocean. However, dolphins are not the nice creatures that many people imagine them to be.In recent years, scientists have discovered dolphins doing extremely disturbing things. Dolphins will kidnap porpoises, especially younger ones, and continually torture them as though the dolphins are a gang.The dolphins often deprive the porpoises of oxygen until they die and maul them in the process. Dolphins don’t do this for food, and they could have driven out the porpoises if this was just about territory. Dolphins are also known for raping and gang-raping female dolphins and just being bullies in general.

Ants Enslave Aphids To Eat What Aphids Excrete

Although ants don’t have the level of intelligence or awareness that dolphins do, ants can be quite a menace for such tiny creatures. While they are incredibly small, ants grow quickly and are one of the dominant creatures on Earth. There are an absolutely insane number of ants in the world.Ants are already known for having different jobs among their own species. But some roles simply weren’t being filled properly, so they had to improvise. It was to this end that they decided to enslave aphids. Ants keep aphids around as mobile snacking machines.Ants eat a sugary substance that comes from the aphids’ backsides and protect the aphids from predators. For those who think that this is purely a symbiotic relationship, the aphids show signs of not wanting this. But the ants use a special pheromone to drug the aphids into compliance.

Monkeys May Be Capable Of Psychopathic Behavior

At first, the idea that animals could have antisocial personality disorder or any trait so similar to a human disorder seemed utterly ridiculous to scientists. However, after Jane Goodall observed chimpanzees repeatedly cannibalizing infants without an evolutionary reason, some started to suspect that chimpanzees and many similar creatures could perhaps be capable of such problem behaviors.After more studies were conducted, animal behavioral experts and psychologists seemed convinced that there was a possibility of real psychopathy here. Intelligent animals seem to exhibit the same personality defects as humans when they are not properly socialized.

Sea Otters Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find A Mate

Sea otters are known for being incredibly cute, cuddly, adorable little things that hold hands while floating in the water. However, the truth is that these little creatures only seem cute when they aren’t trying to copulate. When trying to reproduce, the males tend to be very aggressive, going for surprise whenever possible and often biting the female’s face.If there aren’t enough females around, the males are so obsessed with the idea of having sex with something that they try to find a female surrogate. This can even be a male sea otter or other similar creature. In some extreme situations in recent years, this has led to sad situations where some sea otters rape and murder baby seals to find a suitable surrogate.


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