Animal In The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon forest is located in America. This forest holds many mysteries in it. Many animals there which are clearly very dangerous when approached. What animals are in the Amazon forest :

1. Anaconda

This snake has a large body about 8 meters. With a diameter of more than 30 cm. Plus the weight of 250 kg. And known to be very agile. Its mouth can spread poison to anyone it bites. It can coil around prey like a bison to keep it from breathing. Then swallow it all at once to be digested.

2. Tarantulas

Only a spider like this could be called a monster. This spider has a different body from the general spider. The size can reach 16 - 20 cm. It can produce sticky webs to trap its prey.

3. Wasp

This animal has a needle that is poisonous enough in its body that it can be injected. Even though his body is small which makes him unable to avoid being crushed for a moment. This animal is known to have needles that are different from other wasps on the back of its body. So it is much more deadly when our skin is pierced by the tail. Especially if this animal is with a group.

4. Bull Shark

This type of shark has strong jaws to prey on larger animals. Besides being known to be aggressive. This animal can also live in fresh water unlike most other sharks. They can only live in salt water. Because it is said to be a flexible animal life. Like sharks in general. He has razor-sharp teeth ready to rip apart his prey.


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