Another Buddha statue appeared in Brazil

Its exact location in Brazil is in the Buddhist monastery of Ibiraçu (northern Espírito Santo). It weighs 350 tons and is unfortunately not a carved marble figure, as it might appear from the outside. It's a classic of modern construction: it's based on a reinforced concrete structure, and we don't expect much more than that, right? The era of stone monuments is gone, and the technology of the ancients is forgotten.


It should be noted that the new statue of Buddha is not the most majestic in the world: second only to the statue from the Leshan District of China (see photo below). The height of the "giant" carved into the rock is 71 meters. Do you agree that against the backdrop of the "incomparable original" this attempt by the Brazilian architects does not look outstanding? Will their creation last for hundreds of years? Here! The Chinese statue was cut for 90 years and the work was completed 200 (+\-) years before the Baptism of Russia.


You must admit that from the side it really looks impressive, and certainly not ugly. According to the list of "the highest statues in the world" it does not exist yet, but its place among the monuments in the TOP 50 (I counted). Now at the foot of the shrine there are not so many people: the attendance of the territory on weekends is about three thousand people. You don't need tickets - admission is free, but don't forget to stop by on occasion.


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