Apple feast on kefir for a quick hand

1. Sieve the apple peelings thoroughly. This will force the air into it and the apple peel will be especially airy. In the boroshno mix the dissolving agent, cinnamon powder and vanilla zucor (you can replace it with vanillin or sesentzia). 2.


2. Beat the eggs in a large glass dish. Whisk in the candied corn. Using a blender with the screw attachment, beat at high speed, so that the mass enlarges and becomes the best buns.


3. Pour the kefir into the singed eggs (do not let it be cold, but at room temperature) and beat them again.


4. Melt the whole butter in a microbrew oven or on a griddle. Allow the rare oil to cool - it does not have to be hot, otherwise the eggs will just burn. Pour the melted butter into the kaffir and egg mixture and knead.


5. Stir in the dry bean mixture. Knead the dough at a low speed until all the briskets are done.


6. Remove the skin from the apples and peel the core. Cut into small cubes and mix into the dough. Regulate how much to put apple, regulate on your taste: the more fruits, the more volatile and juicy will be the feast, if you put less - it will be more piquant.


7. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Coat the mold in which you will bake with a smear of cooking oil. Pour the dough into the mould and flatten it. Cover the top with cinnamon powder - this will give the skorina a ruminous color.


8. Place the roast in a roasted oven and bake for about 40 to 45 minutes. Readiness can be easily checked on a dry skewer: If it is clean, it means that the delicious apple feast is ready! You have to powder it with baking powder, cool it down. But it's delicious eaten hot, adding a lump of cold frosting.


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