Apple has given "bangs" haters a means to return thick frames to the new MacBook Pro

Applications are forcibly scaled in the area below the notch Released the other day Apple's new MacBook Pro have one feature, about which the public on the Internet can not come to a consensus. I'm talking, of course, about the "bangs."

This cutout leaves no one indifferent - some are happy with the thin frame around the screen, while others are passionately critical. The fact that not all software is optimized and works correctly with Apple's "innovation" also adds fuel to the fire. In response to the criticism, Apple released a new document in the support section, designed to help the haters of "bangs".

It describes the Scale to fit below built-in camera setting, which, when activated, will force apps to scale so as to use only the screen area below the cutout. Visually, the bangs disappear and the old-fashioned "thick frames" return.

Apple also mentions in the support document that the zoom feature will be removed as soon as developers update their apps to work correctly with the cutout.


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