Apple iPhone 11 leaks - Three cameras?

Apple is soon going to launch the next iPhone in the market. The users are eagerly waiting for iPhone11, which will ditch the Marquee features of old phones. The variants may be called as iPhone11 or iPhoneMax or iPhoneR.  The features will look alike iPhoneX and iPhoneXS but iPhone11 will have an upgraded camera feature. The rear camera will be of three lenses rather than two. Isn't it fascinating...

iPhone11 will have frosted glass backs and extra power capacity. The Marquee feature which were in earlier models will be ditched this time. You may be wondering what Marquee feature I am talking about. Well it's the 3D touch feature that Apple has been using since 2015. Apple took nearly 5 years to develop this feature, but bad luck this feature did not prove to be useful one. Because many users actually did not u understand where to use it, when to use it and how to use it.

But as the report says, this feature will not be present in the next iPhone11 series. 3D Touch is a very cool feature, but Apple’s poor implementation means the cost of the components needed to enable 3D Touch is wasted.

Well Apple always keeps one upgrade safe to be launched in next series, now let's see what they come up with and replace the 3D touch with what gesture.


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