Apple is in trouble again - serious business

Apple is going to court again. This time the charges concern their digital assistant, Siri. The reason for the lawsuit is that Siri overhears and records users' conversations even when the program is not activated.


It is well known that the Google assistant responds to the command "OK Google" even if the app has not accessed the microphone. A message appears saying that you need to give the app permissions to use the microphone and speaker. How, however, does the assistant know this if it can't hear the command without permission?


It turns out that Siri behaves similarly. The virtual assistant usually responds to the use of certain words. In this case, it's "Hello, Siri." However, it turns out that the app can record the user's calls without their knowledge or consent. In this regard, a lawsuit has been filed against Apple. The plaintiff tries to prove his point by citing a story about talking to a doctor about a particular medical decision, and a few moments later he was shown an advertisement about it, along with Air Jordan sneakers and Pit Viper sunglasses.


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