Apple launch new features Face ID Unlocking With a Mask

Apple recently released a software update that will allow iPhone users to unlock their devices even while wearing a face mask.


Houston: The giant tech company Apple has recently released a software update. 

This update will allow iPhone users to unlock their device even while wearing a face mask. 

The new update iOS 15.4 was released on Monday, in which many other features have also been given for the iPhone.

It was told that on updating the device, the user will get the option to use Face ID with a mask on the welcome screen.

Have you put on a mask? 

You will still be able to unlock your iPhone, Apple brought this special feature

Face ID Unlocking With a Mask: iPhone users are soon going to get such a feature, with the help of which they will be able to unlock iPhone with Face ID without removing the mask.

Since the danger of corona is looming in the country and the world. 

From then till today, people are protecting it by wearing masks. 

In such a situation, those who use the iPhone are facing a lot of problems. 

As they need to remove the mask to unlock their phone. 

But Apple has also found a solution to this problem. 

On the demand of users, Apple is soon going to bring a tremendous feature related to Face ID for its users. 

Let us know how this feature will work and how it will work.

Actually, there was a demand for iPhone users for a long time, Apple brought special features related to Face ID for them. 

A feature in which users' iPhone is unlocked with a mask. 

Users will soon get such a feature from Apple. 

Recently this feature has been seen in the beta version of iOS 15.4. 

It was seen in this beta update that users are getting permission to unlock the phone without a mask. 

The company will facilitate this feature on many apps apart from Apple Pay.


After this feature coming with iOS 15.4 beta version, users will be able to unlock their iPhone without taking off the mask. 

Which will be quite easy and beneficial, because it is not safe to take off the mask again and again to unlock the phone. 

At the same time, wearing a mask is very important to avoid Coronavirus. 

In such a situation, this feature is going to prove to be very beneficial for the users.


iOS 15.4 beta to be rolled out globally


Let us tell you that Apple Watch and iPhone users can still unlock the phone without taking off the mask. 

But for this he uses his Apple Watch. 

Because your Apple Watch is paired with your phone, you can unlock the phone without removing the mask. 

But according to the report, now the company is preparing to roll out iOS 15.4 beta update globally. 

After which iPhone users all over the world will be able to unlock the phone without taking off the face mask.


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