Apple Watch helped rob $500,000

There are numerous memories online approximately how the Apple Watch saves people's lives. However Apple may want to infrequently assume that its smart watch would end up a tool within the hands of criminals. As an instance, in the united states of america, a group of criminals used an Apple system to steal 1/2 one million dollars.

In line with the new york submit, bringing up federal prosecutors, in January of this year, a collection of 7 people in the suburbs of recent York dedicated a robbery the use of the Apple Watch. The 30-12 months-old gang chief reportedly bought the watch and then related it to his account to music the system's area through GPS. The accessory became hidden under the bumper of a car owned by using a neighborhood drug provider.

The crowd knew the sufferer could be sporting a massive sum of money, so they used the GPS sign from the Apple Watch to music the drug provider to a hotel in Hartford, Connecticut. The bandits first searched the automobile through smashing its window, however found nothing. Tomorrow they waited for the sufferer and took all non-public property, such as the room key, wherein the cherished bag of cash turned into found. The criminals even determined to seize the "catch" on their smartphones.

In July, regulation enforcement still controlled to arrest the entire gang, charging them for robberies committed between 2019 and 2020. Because it became known, no person was injured at some stage in that very theft. Curiously, many pix were determined on the criminals' smartphones, confirming their involvement inside the crimes.


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