Apple Working on Natural Language Updates for Siri, Planning Redesign for macOS Ventura TV App

According to 9to5Mac in the latest tvOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3 betas, Apple seems to be working on a natural language update for Siri on Apple TV, in addition to user interface changes for the macOS TV app. Information from the tvOS 16.4 beta suggests that Apple developed the "Siri Natural Language Generation" framework, presumably to power the personal assistant's natural language capabilities. According to 9to5Mac, Apple uses natural language generation to tell jokes with "Siri," but given that feature is on his iPhone and other devices, it's entirely clear what's changed. not. As 9to5Mac explains: In the latest tvOS 16.4 beta, Apple enabled a new framework for the Siri Natural Language Generation feature. Apple currently uses only natural language generation to tell jokes with Siri on Apple TV. The company is experimenting with how voice generation can also be used for timers. The updated natural language generation framework seems to be limited to tvOS 16.4, and little is known about it currently, but 9to5Mac has similar (and disabled) support for iOS, HomePod OS, iPadOS, and macOS. ) is always "Siri" because it suggests the code exists. Features that Apple is working on may also apply to all devices in the future. There are no indications that Siri's natural language enhancements are an attempt by Apple to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft on AI-enhanced chatbots, but Apple has plans to expand Siri's capabilities. There seems to be On tvOS 16.4. Separately, the hidden version of his Apple TV app for Mac shows a new design with the latest macOS Ventura 13.3 beta. There is an additional navigation sidebar that matches the iPad version of his Apple TV app for Mac. The Sidebar gives you easy access to various TV app features such as Apple TV+, Watch Now, Library, and paid TV shows and movies. With the exception of the sidebar, the user interface is similar to the current TV app. Note that the updated version of the TV app is not implemented in the current macOS 13.3 beta and may be added to future betas or retained by Apple for future software updates. be careful. I think 40% of the time she will still say "I don't know what to do". I gave up all hope for Siri. Loved the improved dictation...she fails to use commas properly to save her soul and misses more words than before. should remain on the device. they work Multilingual Siri! It's so stupid. When texting contact A all the time in English, stupid Siri will send the message correctly instead of spewing gibberish or saying "This message is written in another language". You should be smart enough to read. You can also link to the dictionary or keyboard used for contact A or B. The keyboard works, but Siri does not! When Siri tries to read English messages in German or Spanish, you should hear these messages ??‍?? She can't even understand basic English - want to take her pain out on others? I'm not an Amazon fanboy of hers, but Alexa is very impressive, especially compared to Siri.


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