Apps That Actually Pay You

If you have ever been in a tough spot, money wise and have a smart phone, laptop, tablet or what ever then I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind: How can I make money with what I have now? or how can I make money and work from home? 

 Well, I have discovered some legit apps that actually do pay out fairly quickly and easily. 

1. Mistplay (Android only) - literally all you have to do to cashout is play games, and earn points. You can earn points by playing games and just checking into the app on a daily basis. A lot of the games available to earn points to play are probably games you already play, such as: Coin Master, Evermerge, Bingo Blitz, Best Fiends, Homescapes, and Candy Crush. There are a lot of options for cashing out such as: Amazon, Paypal, Visa gift card (virtual or through the mail), Google Play Store, Uber Eats, Xbox, Gamestop, Playstation, Starbucks, Nintendo, Ebay, H&M, Sephora and Spotify. The lowest point amount to cashout at is 400 points which gets you a 50 cent Amazon gift card and the highest amount of points you have to have to cashout is 15,000 which will get you a $50 Nintendo gift card. 

2. Qmee Surveys (Apple & Android) - This is one of the higher paying survey apps, especially if you take the daily poll for five days the money earned increases. In general though the compensation varies. You can literally cashout with as little as 10 cents earned. 

3. BIGToken (Apple & Android) - This is another survey app, this one takes a couple of days to cashout really. Not only can you make money by doing surveys, you can also make money by referring people to the app and daily check ins.

4. ATM.COM (Apple & Android) - This app pays you for sharing your data. The only con to this app, is that you can't cashout until you reach $20, which can take a while. 

5. Eureka (Apple & Android) - This is a survey app that is very much like Qmee Surveys. 

6. Smashoid (Apple & Android) - This is an wrtite and get paid platform. 

***Note: Additionally, all of these apps have a referrals feature, which can help you make more money.***


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