Apps that pays you to stay fit

There are so many people all around the world who struggle with weight loss and staying fit. But there are apps that are willing to help people not just lose weight but also gain some extra money and gifts for it. These apps make you want to lose weight and get up every morning to do an exercise routine.

1. Sweatcoin

This app pays people just for walking. This app does does not herequests any payment; it just records t steps a person takes. Every single one  step has value. This app also offers an exercise program so he can exchange his coins for cash,walking,ards, a variety of cool gifts, even donate them to charity, or exchange them with friends and family members. The more you move, the profit you are going to earn. This app has not only the walking advanages but it has actuall exerice program if you ever get tired from walking you can just do exerices.

2. Wlaking Money: Get paid to walk

This app pays money for the number of steps walked in a day. You get coins for your steps that you can exchange for money and gift cards. It makes sure to keep up with your health report. You can see the improvements that you made over a month-long period. It has fun ways to get coins, not just by walking but by playing some games too. One different thing is that steps count every single day, and it keeps you motivated to achieve more steps every day.

3. Macadam

This program pays you to walk too; the difference is that this app actually has set goals that you can reach to get coins, starting at 2500 steps. To gain more coins, you can do a variety of tasks this program gives us every single day, including playing games and even watching videos. One more different thing is that money sent abroad goes straight to the person's bank account. It makes you want to walk every day and reach different goals because they do have a step validation system, and steps do reset if you're not going to validate them.

4. Runtopia

This app actually charges for running. Here, you can set goals even by yourself or let the program do that. You are going to be able to see your improvement over time and even share it with society, family, and friends. The longer distances you're going to run, the more coins you can gain from them, and that means you're going to be able to exchange them for more money or more expensive gifts.

5. Winwalk

This app allows you to make money by walking, doing surveys, and playng games. You can exchange coins for real money and gifts. This app keeps track of your achievements and progress to motivate you to do more every single day. And even you can customize your tracker widget how you want it to be. It's a good way to showcase your achievements and even get paid for them.


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