Are instagrammable foods healthy?

Nowadays, it has become a common practice for people to upload their food photos online like facebook, instagram and other social media applications. It lets them show off what and where they ate. And the more people who like their photos, the better they feel about the experience. People mostly took a photos of foods like Pizza, Sushi, Pasta, Burritos, hamburgers and other fast foods and junk foods. Other people like to take photo of their coffee on the table with a book beside.


When too much attention is on photos of food, people stop thinking carefully about what they eat and why. When photogenic foods do get eaten, some of them may be encouraging unhealthy dietary habits. Many are full of sugar and artificial dyes, which might look delicious but aren’t very nutritious.


Food is made to be eaten, but some photogenic foods get wasted. They may look appealing , but they’re sometimes difficult to eat or they don’t actually taste good. Also, customers may order food because  they’re interested in photographing it, not in eating it. They may order something they don’t like, or they may order toof much food, just for the photo opportunity.


Some chefs believe that paying too much attention to the appearance of a dish is a problem. Fortunately, some restaurants have asked people to stop taking photos of their food; they want customers to focus on the quality or the taste, not the photos.


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