Are we inviting diseases with our lifestyle?

We are living in a world where no one can escape from use of technology. Starting the day with getting up in the morning till ending with going to bed, we are surrounded with effect of technologies. 

Going to work place with cars, cabs etc. We add the harmful emmissions to the environment. Can we start taxi sharing, car sharing?so that we could minimise the use of automobiles on road. Also it is necessary for governments to curb the sell of private cars. With idea of curbing commercial vehicles we can not be part of lagging behind our Economy. But governments can curb the sell of private cars. 

It is directly linked with our daily lifestyle. Suppose if we do not have car and we want to purchase the groceries from our nearby super market. We have to go to the Super market by walking. It is healthier to walk on one or more occasions daily for our basic needs. 

Second thing is the meal we are taking. With the busy schedule of daily life, if a couple both are working. They prefer to choose online booking of foods, especially the dinner. No restaurant foods can beat the freshness and nutrition level of home made food. But our laziness, bad taste buds and ignorance of health force us to have such type of non nutritious foods. 

Both the above mentioned lifestyle we are applying in our daily life abundantly. Therefore we are cursed to live our lives with uninvited diseases. We have to take this as a challenge. We have to change our lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc are expanding day to day. 

We can create a difference by staying away from this lifestyle as well as from the fatal diseases.These are the tiny things but it is impacting our life drastically. 


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