Are You A Fan Of NDS Games

NDS games or Nintendo's full name dual screen are known for their good graphics and graphics. Although indeed using a dual screen is look less fun. This game made by nintendo company. Has achieved great profits in sales in various parts of the world. There are more than hundreds of games that you can try in total. This is the recommendations for those of you who like NDS :

1. Yu-Gi-Oh

Is a card game that requires you to have a good strategy. There are hundreds of monsters, traps, and spells that you can arrange in such a way. And generally you have to choose with a minimum limit of 40 cards to start the match.

2. Pokemon

A game where you can train monsters. With this game you can bring at least 6 pokemon to be included in the tournament. Whoever can determine which monster is the best, it is certain that he is the winner. There are more than 300 monsters that you can choose at will.

3. Hot Wheel

Car racing game where the track is so gripping. You will use a small car with a distinctive style. Each with its various abilities. You can choose from dozens of available cars for you to use in racing games.

4. Harvest Moon

Here you can become a fruit farmer, miner, even a carpenter. Then build the house slowly. You will be given enough equipment and money to get started. Where the seasons will also change over time. Really looks like the real world. And the fun thing is that you can also marry someone in the game.

Are you interested in playing it. So what are you waiting for. Start downloading it from now on. Try it and feel the excitement of the game above. NDS games are classified as games that only require a little storage memory. Make sure you have Android 5.0 and above so you can play this game smoothly. All you have to do is download the emulator and rom from the available websites.


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