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Building strategy on the World Wide Web. However, it is also the most widely used. Most retailers just won’t do it. Their requests are different, saying I'm not a writer, I can't think of anything to say, I'm hot and I don't know anything!


Suppose the above reasons could prove true.


They ignore other obvious ways.


Since everyone and their brother are moving Private Label Articles on the web for $ 29.95 with hundreds or more written articles there is no reason why you can't take some of these packages, rewrite them and take them as your own. You can even get very small packages. It's just a matter of getting the garbage out of the best articles. Verify that the content of the article is valid. The return you initially invested will be significant in relation to the backlinks you will receive.


A few of the best PLR sites that come to mind and that I have used are and Once you become a member and develop some writing skills you can submit your articles to which takes care of your monthly membership fee.


Those backlinks are the feed of spyders in search engines. You will receive those backlinks to your site through the great app for your article. That would be your bio writer or resource box at the bottom of your article. This is what search engines search for. This is where your backlinks come from.


There are many advertisers who do not make full use of this service, and I am included. Previously I believed that in order to make money by writing essays all I needed to do was write an article and include a link to any affiliate program I was promoting in the resources box and watch the sale go in. t happens. And I was not getting traffic to my main website. Any and all the road to the standard corresponding page. Increasing their level and leaving my site as anonymous.


The purpose of the article resource box is to create backlinks to my main site with the anchor text I use to point to that site. This is what spyders use to divide, subdivide and index your site. Let me make that clear.


Suppose you found a dog kennel and wrote an article on it. Your resource box should contain anchor text that points to the keywords you want to categorize. Thus,




Joe Schmo is a Professional href = "" Dog grooming dog / a You can find more href = "" Dog grooming / Tips by visiting his href site = "Http: / / " / a




Your anchor text will be Dog grooming and dog grooming. Just the example above is missing symbols>


If you include a resource box like the one above for every article you write and post it in as many directions as possible, it will start delivering more traffic, to your main site.


The sixth rule is this: The more sites you show up on your site, the more traffic you get from search engines. A site with many backlinks wins. Which means better rankings for your given niche search results.


It's really simple, wouldn't you say? More text = More Backlinks = More traffic!


You will be able to create a list of targeted subscribers to your newsletter, make related sales, subscribe to people on your affiliate site or MLM system. Your options will be limited only by your imagination.


I can't guarantee you if you post 5 articles in 100 references, you'll get 500 background links! I can guarantee that if you do, you will have more than if you did nothing.


Dashboard Guidelines


Here is a list of websites where you can submit your articles:


Using articles as a Search Engine Optimazation method is certainly effective and as with anything beneficial is not easy. It's not a magic bullet. It takes constant effort to persevere and if you stick to it, whatever it is, it will reward you beyond your imagination.


In addition to your articles another great source of backlinks to submit your site to Link Brochures such as:


Vilesilencer Information: A Good Writing List for SEO


Search Engine Index


I wish you all the best in your daily efforts to get those valuable backlinks. Your sites Success or failure depends on them. Time to Be Busy. Fold your arms and go to it. By Doing Nothing, You Get Nothing.


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