Article on Importance Of Education

Article on Importance Of Education In Our Life

The Importance Of Education and its significance can be understood through the life of an ignorant and illiterate person, who has never had the chance to visit the school and is experiencing the bane of illiteracy could value the answer to the question-' Why is education an essential factor in our life?'

     He/ she knows the prominence and importance of education and its changes in an individual's life.

     Education is a powerful weapon that aids an individual to face the advertisement of life and overcome societal stigmas such as poverty, fear, status to achieve success.

    Education is the hope of development and success for most third-world countries and the world's dominion countries. Mandatory education builds the scope of batter growth and development.


Role Of Education In India

Education has the potential to revolutionize the course of a nation- with skilled and educated youths. A nation compromises a higher rate to achieve its targeted economic growth and sit among the league known as the developed nation.

       A well- education nation discards any obstacles that hinder its growth and strives hard to attain sustainable development.


Education the fickle of unemployment

The substantial effect of illiteracy is 'unemployment'.' Unemployment hinders the progress of a nation-leading to low standards of living and an increased crime rate.

      The India is stuck in a critical situation where almost 58 percent of unemployed graduates and 77 percent of the families are void of regular income. About 67 percent receive an annual income of less than 1.2 lakh per anum.

     In the circumstance, India cannot risk leaving any child illiterate, as it would push him towards a life of unemployment and misery.


Remove Poverty

As India is one of the fastest- growing economic in 2020, poverty it on the decline in the country and is one of the greatest evils of illiteracy.

      Till the year 2012, India earned the appellation of homeing the most significant number of poor in the world.


10 Lines On Importance Of Education In Our Life

1.  Education is highly essential as it eradicates social evils and upgrades the thinking of society.


2.  Education uses various methodologies like teaching, training and research activities, etc.


3.  The Right to Education Act, 2004, makes education a fundamental right for every child up to 16 years old.


4.   It bridges the parallel gap between the rich and the poor.


5.   Education eradicates the fickle of unemployment in developing India.


6.   Education is essential as it is an integral tool that helps a nation achieve economic growth and stability.


7.   The importance of education in a society helps overcome the shackles of inequality, corruption, poverty, etc.


8.   The right to Education gives an individual the knowledge about health and hygiene issues and the schemes of the government and benefits from him/her.


9.   Education is an essential factor that changes an individual's perspective on caste discrimination.


10.  Education is a contributing factor in the field and development of technology and science.


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