Artificial intelligence is the tipping point of human morality

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword and works at an equally rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence is the science of developing machines that can think, understand, and act much better than the human mind. It has been a favorite topic of scientists and researchers since the 1960s. Almost half a century of rapid research has marked the beginning of the project to create an artificial human brain called 'M-Mortality Technology.'

Man has dedicated his entire ability and capacity to make this world an abode of luxury and achieved considerable success. But it is also true that the ultimate goal of his success is to reach perfection. Every success achieved by humans is also associated with many negative implications, which is no less than a difficult phase for both science and humans to deal with. Artificial intelligence is also an invention that is certainly living proof of human abilities. But on the other hand, its negative consequences are also a subject of debate.

The famous scientist Stephen Hawking expressed his concerns in this regard. The meaning of what he said is something like this: scientists should focus all their attention on creating such intelligent systems that guarantee the welfare of humanity, but this, On the contrary, our lives are becoming more and more enmeshed in the web of technology so that the collision of human and technology seems inevitable sooner or later.

It is also true that we cannot break our relationship with research. The efforts of scientists are commendable and should continue. So everyone has to understand their responsibilities. Everyone can see, for instance, how the Internet has aided in the advancement of human life; it also has an unpleasant side, such as screen addiction.

We can avoid the difficulties caused by these discoveries if we try to gain full awareness about them. At the time b education and awareness can help us to live successfully in this world. But our case is that we do not recognize our lack of knowledge and do not consider it bad, due to which it is becoming increasingly difficult to face the challenges of the present time. The limitation of human abilities will always make him realize that he is not an absolute creator but a creature, this helplessness of his is what inclines him to obedience, and compels him to bow down before the creator of this universe.

Robots are also a vital part of artificial intelligence. Efforts are being made to take from this robot all the work that humans have been doing for the last twenty centuries. It is going. The world's major organizations that manufacture robots, such as Boston Dynamics, which manufactures robots for War Robots and Sony Corporation for Japan, have also set several goals for 2050. Among them, he has achieved many goals of war robots. In Sony Corporation and many factories in Japan, robots do everything from manufacturing to packaging.

Robots handle every service in several Japanese restaurants and hotels, including the reception, and the waiters and waitresses. The first robot manufacturing factory is being set up in China's Dongguan Factory City, which will cause thousands of workers in China to be thrown out of their jobs in the years to come. It certainly looks like a desirable human development. But the consequences are equally dire. If artificial intelligence starts working instead of ordinary people, who are already going through problems like unemployment, inflation, and hunger, their employment opportunities will continue to be blocked.

Online taxi-hailing company Uber is now in partnership with car manufacturers and Google to introduce driverless vehicles as taxis very soon. This service is expected to make many taxi drivers unemployed in many countries. This whole situation is not much that can be ignored easily.

In such a case, the question also arises whether we believe only in the abundance of comforts in the name of development or are concerned to ensure the prosperity of human life.

The human species will lead on the verge of extinction by the lust for power unless a plan of action is established. It is also believed that the day may soon arrive when robots will work in the fields of literature, medicine, media, and politics, taking instructions from soldiers on the battlefield. It is due to the expansion of artificial intelligence.

But it is also true that no matter how much their intelligence is developed, it cannot replace the human mind everywhere. The question arises, can these machine relationships become a substitute for real relationships? I think the involvement of machines in human life to this extent will be no less than a bitter experience. Even Alfred Nobel, when he created the atomic bomb, did not think it would open the door to human destruction. But the disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki enlightened four layers of his mind until he, in his shame, wrote his own for reparation, and devoted the entire wealth for the welfare of others.

 Although, there are many benefits of artificial intelligence, its benefits are minor compared to the fears that it seems to be causing. In an interview, while talking about artificial intelligence, he said that the development of full artificial intelligence would end the human race. Once humans have created it, its evolution will continue on its own, and humans will not be able to cope with it due to their slow biological evolution.

Stephen Hawking's fear is correct, and other scientists also need to think about it, and the speed at which science is taking its next steps. It seems that very soon we will fully enter the world of machines, and human life will be under more chaos and restlessness. With this development, scientists also need to consider this aspect. It is necessary to maintain the superiority of humans over machines. Morality will decline.

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