Aubergine "Cordon Blue" Ultimate Vegan dish

Planning TIME: 

MINUTES = less than 20 minutes 


MINUTES = less than 15 minutes 



8 Violife Unique character cuts, cut in 4 squares 

30 medium aubergines/eggplants, cut in 1cm rounds 

3 little tomatoes, cut in 0.5cm rounds 

3 twigs new thyme 

4 tbsps corn starch 

150g breadcrumbs or panko 

Vegetable oil for fricasseeing 

Ocean salt 

Newly round pepper 



Organize the aubergine cuts on a hacking board and season well on the two sides. Top portion of the aubergine cuts with the Violife squared cuts. Top with a cut of tomato and sprinkle with thyme leaves. Spot the aubergine cuts on top like a scaled down sandwich. 

In a little bowl blend the corn starch with 10 tbsp of water. Plunge every one of the aubergine "cordon bleu's" into the corn starch combination, permitting overabundance fluid to drop off. 

Then, at that point place in breadcrumbs to cover. 

Rehash with all the "cordon bleu's". 

Warmth a lot of vegetable oil in a griddle and fry the "cordon bleu's" for 4-5 minutes on each side until brilliant. 

Serve while hot and sprinkle with thyme passes on to embellish.


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