Audi Grandsphere: luxury electric sedan without screens and with a plant in the cabin

Audi has presented conceptual fastback Grandsphere, which was announced back in July. It is four-door 5,35 meters long that is it is more any of currently manufactured cars of the company: even A8 L generation D5 stretched "only" by 5,3 m.


The novelty in many respects echoes the fresh concept car Audi Skysphere, debuted in August at Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach. But while that was a grand touring coupe convertible, the Grandsphere is a sedan with an emphasis on space and comfort. The car has been tested with the new design language of Audi brand, which is characterized by a dynamic profile, narrowedlights, a long hood and huge in area "smiling" radiator grill.


It is not separate seats on the back row, but the entire sofa, as if taken from a lounge zone. Its backrest seems monolithic, but it can be tilted up to 60 degrees.


The interior is dominated by finishing with natural materials: wood (particularly hornbeam veneer), wool and metal. To create the eco-atmosphere between the front seats there is even installed a cachet with a plant. But the complete absence of displays surprises even more. And it is taking into account that a quantity of touch screens in modern Audi breaks all imaginable records. Projectors are used for information reproduction. They show a picture on wooden panels.


The Audi Grandsphere is built on the promising Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform. Two electric motors develop a total of 721 hp and 960 Nm. The traction battery with a capacity of about 120 kW / h provides a cruising range of up to 750 km. Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is just over four seconds. Connection to fast charging stations with a capacity of up to 270 kW is supported. In ten minutes you can increase the "range" by 300 km.


The sedan corresponds to the fourth level of autonomy out of five according to the SAE classification. This means that it can cope with any road situations without the help of the driver.


We should understand that Grandsphere is only a show car, it will not go into production. Its task is to show the direction in which the design of future Audi electric cars will develop.


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