What is quality sound in a car?

This is an opportunity not only to enjoy the vocals of pop stars, but also to appreciate the skills of performers of individual instrumental parts, soloists with a wide range of voice. The "right" speakers accurately convey all the tones of the instruments, without embellishing the sound or hiding its features. A good sound should be clean, without impurities in the form of resonance of interior parts. Of course, non-standard music can also be louder than the "native", but it can not be considered the main factor of quality installation.

How expensive are high-end acoustics?

Mid-priced speakers from reputable brands sell for $100 to $120 per set, with top models averaging $250 to $300. There are also premium-level speakers priced at about $900 to $1,000 per pair. These speakers are handmade for real gourmets of car audio and for highly professional installers.

How many speakers should there be in the car?

The number of loudspeakers is by no means the most important factor, the type of speaker system is much more important. In order to accurately convey all the nuances of a phonogram, the acoustics must be component - with at least two frequency channels. In fact, each such loudspeaker consists of two speakers: a high-frequency tweeter ("squeaker") and a low-mid-frequency mid-bass, as well as a frequency filter-crossover. The necessary minimum in the car is one pair of such two-channel sets, placed in the front. This is the so-called front, which is generally enough to "feel the difference" on the background of the regular system. For better reproduction of bass frequencies it is desirable to place another pair of conventional (single-component) speakers with a larger diameter (at least 16 cm or "ovals" 6x9 cm) in the rear part of the cabin.

What is the difference between a simple audio system and an expensive one?

In addition to the more expensive speakers, the high-end audio system differs in the way they are installed. While an inexpensive system has a speaker that "plays" on the volume of the door, trunk or the entire cabin (depending on where it is installed), for each (except for some tweeters) Hi-Fi speaker a separate chamber is created, whose volume is determined by the manufacturer or installers. An advanced system necessarily has a subwoofer ($60 - 600), several power amplifiers ($70 - 12,000) for channel-by-channel amplification of front, rear, and subwoofer signals. All components are connected by special wiring ($100 - $1,000). The entire car is subjected to noise isolation work with complete disassembly of the interior and trunk ($400 - 1,000). Of course, with this approach, the head unit does not remain standard, and it is either replaced ($60-1,500) or upgraded (from $100).


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