B.pharm 1st year

Apparatus: Glass slides, staining dish,medical microscope with oil immersion objective lens, blood Lancet (stain :Leishman's stain)


1.Take a bold prick with blood lancet on the ring finger tip to have a fire flow of blood. 

2.Collect a drop of blood on the side of a cleaned glass slide.

3.Another slide,which will be used as separator, is placed on it an angle of 25 degree

4.Push the spreader smoothly and rapidly on the entire length of the side to get the uniform blood. 

5.Distribute 8 to 10 drops of Leishman's stain evenly on the smear with the help of a dropper and allow it to stand for 2 min.

6.Add about  6 to 8  drops of distilled water to it and allow them to set for 6 to 8 mins. 

7.Pour a stream of water directly on a smear to flush off the excess staining solution for about 30 seconds and allow the smear to dry.

8.Keep the slide with smear on the stage and add a drop of clear wood oil on it(immersion oil).

9.Adjust the oil immersion objectives lens100X with focusing bright light to make the white blood cells visible with the help of coarse and fine adjustment screw,mirror, and diagram. 

10.count about 100 white blood cells by following the path .

11.Make the total count of every class to determine it's percentage. 


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