Baked Sturgeon in the Oven


To really get a tasty and healthy dish, it is enough to use a number of useful recommendations, such as:


Fresh or frozen fish is better for cooking. If you buy fresh frozen sturgeon, it will have to be carefully examined to avoid buying a stale or several times frozen product. The fish carcass should be evenly colored and have a small amount of mucus. In addition the gills of fish should have a dark brown coloring, and the fish exude a fresh fish aroma.

Before cooking, fish is washed, cleaned and guts are removed. Fish has quite tough scales and it is not easy to get rid of them, but it is possible to make the process much easier if the fish is scalded with boiling water.

When cooking a whole sturgeon, the head and tail are acceptable not to remove, but the gills and fins can be removed.

This fish has a peculiar fishy smell, but it can be easily masked if you rub the fish with a mixture of various spices, with parsley, thyme and black pepper.

The dish is tasty when the fish carcass weighing at least 3 kilograms is used, as it has enough fat and the dish does not become dry.

The fish is cooked for 25-60 minutes, depending on size.

Sturgeon fish is delicious by itself, so it is not appropriate to overuse spices and seasonings. They need just enough to hide the unique flavor of the fish.



To feed a family of 5 people, you need to stock up on the following ingredients:

Two kilograms of fish (carcass).

One lemon.

Low-fat mayonnaise - 80 g is enough.

Greens - about 50 g.

Olive oil - about 50 ml.

Salt and spices - to taste.

Stages of preparation:

 1. Fish is cleaned, washed and gets rid of the insides, then rubbed with salt and spices.

2. Greens are chopped and mixed with mayonnaise.

Stuff the fish with this mixture, and fix the walls of the belly with toothpicks.

4. The fish is placed on a piece of foil, positioned with its back up.

5. Along the backbone of the fish transverse incisions are made, in which half slices of lemon are inserted.

6. The sturgeon is poured with oil and lemon juice, then wrapped in foil.

7. Turn on the oven and heat up to 200 degrees, then place the fish in the oven for half an hour.

8. When the fish is cooked, it is placed on a flat plate.


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