Balls with cheese sauce

Cooking balls with cheese sauce is a delicious and colorful second course.


To prepare 8 servings of balls with cheese sauce we will need:


Small potatoes 10 pcs.

Cherry tomatoes 10-14 pcs.

Hard cheese 100g

Eggs 4 pcs.

Sour cream 6 tbsp.

Ground beef 300g

Slices of bread 2 pcs.

Vegetable oil

Salt, spices, herbs


Methods for cooking:


Boil potatoes in water in salted water until almost cooked, and peel.


Combine minced meat, soaked in water white bread, 1 egg, chopped greens, salt and spices. Mix well. Make small balls and fry them in heated vegetable oil until golden brown.


Rinse tomatoes with boiling water and remove their skins. Then salt them and roll in chopped garlic.


Grease a baking dish with vegetable oil. Put potatoes, meatballs and tomatoes in it.


Whisk 3 eggs and sour cream, add grated cheese, salt and spices. Pour this sauce over potatoes, meatballs and tomatoes. Bake it for 20 minutes. Before serving we decorate the balls with cheese sauce with chopped greens.

Bon appetit.


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