Beauty Brands Accept Cryptocurrency as a Payment Tool

Beauty Brands Accept Cryptocurrency as a Payment Tool

At the beginning of the emergence of crypto, most of the interest came from male investors and traders. The complex fundamentals of crypto make it difficult for everyone to understand. However, from year to year, crypto investors and users have become more diverse and have begun to penetrate women. To increase this trend, a beauty brand from the United States began accepting payments using crypto. In 2019, BDC Consulting conducted a special research and revealed that female crypto users accounted for only 8% of the total crypto users in the world. Seeing the low interest of women in crypto assets, Glamnetic, a beauty company from the United States began offering crypto payments for various products.

Now, Glamnetic is starting to accept payments using various crypto tokens such as ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC). According to Glamnetic CEO Ann MCFerran, the company she leads is one of the first beauty companies to support crypto payments.

“The beauty industry is a sector where crypto payments are not yet widely accepted. I want Glamnetic to be one of the first beauty product brands to support crypto payments because I strongly believe in cryptocurrencies and want to bring more women into the crypto world,” she said. Women's Involvement in Cryptocurrency

The difference between female and male users in the cryptocurrency world does look very striking. In fact, as reported by Coindesk, research early in 2021 showed that there were only around 15% of female traders in the crypto world. This is what lies behind various beauty brands with the main target consumers being women, starting to adopt bitcoin into their business. The hope is that women's interest in various crypto assets can also increase.

Although payments using cryptocurrencies tend to be easier, there are still many people who are skeptical of this type of digital asset. Therefore, Sanja Kon as CEO of Utrust has the idea to provide cryptocurrency education to women who are expected to increase crypto adoption in everyday life.

To support this, McFerran has also communicated with his team and started releasing various TikTok videos to educate potential consumers about cryptocurrencies.


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