Become a social media moderator and earn money!

Companies invest in social media moderation to boost their brand and digital presence. ModSquad offers services such as managing forums, helpdesks, games, emails, social media moderation, and live chat support. Some notable brands that use ModSquad services are; Warner Bros, NFL, Activision, EA, Konami, PetHub, Wharton University, National Geographic Kids, and others.

As a "Mod", your job is to represent the client's brand by handling customer complaints, managing new product launches, live chat supports, and growing online communities. You are working as a "freelancer" with ModSquad. There is a non-disclosure agreement on the amount of pay that you will receive for your work. Some say a small amount and will definitely not replace your full-time job but at least you can choose which projects you want to work on.

Apply through their website by clicking "Join the Mods" then add a cover letter and writing samples. After submission, you will be scheduled for an interview. You need a good internet connection and should be able to demonstrate good communication skills. If you do good, you'll become one of the 10,000 mods doing this all over the world.


All Countries

Mode of Payment 

Bank Transfer

PRO Tips 

Focus on creativity, come up with content that most people will enjoy reading. Use text, graphics, pictures, and videos when posting. Imitate the company's values and project them on your work.



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