Bell peppers stuffed with rice, eggs, cheese and herbs

Sweet bell pepper

5 pieces


150 г

Chicken egg

5 pieces


300 г


to taste



1Buy the largest and most colorful peppers. One is red. The other is orange, the third is green. Then the rainbow comes out sliced. The whole layout is given for 5 pieces of raw peppers. But that's plenty and you can feed a lot of guests.

2Cook the rice. It is more sticky and it blends better with the cheese. It will double in volume. In principle, the ratio of cheese to rice, you can vary. If you are not frugal, you can make 2/3 of the stuffing with cheese.

3 Boil the eggs and peel them. Chop the greens very finely.

4Wash the raw peppers, cut off the tops and peel them.

5 Grate the cheese and mix with the eggs, herbs and rice. Season with salt to your taste. Do not overdo it. The cheese is already salty. Use hard cheese, dark yellow in color.

6Now stuff half of the peppers with the stuffing. Place the stuffing as if along the walls. Put an egg in there and fill (stuff) the remaining voids with the stuffing.

7Place the raw stuffed peppers in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Place on a shelf with a higher temperature.

8Take the peppers out of the refrigerator and cut them into circles with a very sharp knife. Decorate according to taste and desire.


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