Best offline games for Android or iOS


Best offline games for ANDROID/IOS


Android games have become so popular over the last few years that they have quickly surpassed even the most exciting games in the world.


But there is one drawback to the play store that most of the best games available require an internet connection to work. This often affects the game experience and limits players in a country like India where consistently finding an internet connection can be a task in itself.


So, we have compiled a list of 35 most impressive, best, low mb games and free Android games that you can play offline on mobile phones or tablets.


The games were presented as the top five in the seven categories of humanity. Check yourself out:

The best offline games for Android

Alto's Odyssey.

Crossy Road.

Friday is 13 p.m.


Room Series.

Autosport grid.

 trail extrema 4

mountain race

sniper shooting


Alto's Odyssey is one of the best offline games you can play on Android. It has amazing sound and beautiful graphics. You can see vines, mounds, ravines, temples and many other beautiful buildings in the game. The gameplay gives you relaxation without having to deal with any online stress. You can play this game while traveling, such as while on a plane or train. It takes you on a quiet trek to a beautiful desert setting.


As a name, you have to guide the chicken across roads, streams through various obstacles. Don't forget to collect coins as you cross the streets. Crossy Road is easy to read. All you have to do is move the chicken to different locations. Just avoid heavy traffic and high-speed trains. And there is an Eagle creeping up in the sky to make your chicken its next victim.

Friday the 13th is one of the best offline horror-puzzle games to play. It has a lot of bloodshed. You have to play like Jason Vorhees and you need to make your way through over 100 levels. You must kill everyone while avoiding police, traps and land mines. A fun arcade game with awesome characters or characters. The game is recommended for those 17 years and older. You can choose ‘R’ mode with a bunch of horror movies, Kill Scenes or ‘PG’ for a family-friendly puzzle. Even though it is a terrible game, it is fun to play.


If you are a sports fan, you should be known for Minecraft, at least we hope so. Minecraft is available for PC and Android. It is a test and survival game based on block designs. You have to build things, my things and kill bad people. You can do almost anything you want. You can get to a nearby village to get a roof over your head and survive the early days. The valleys also have plants that will help you live your life. It is not a free game, one needs to spend $ 7.49 to access the game. You can buy more skins in the game. Minecraft is so popular that it holds many records.

Room is one of the best series of offline puzzle games. It has four series with different stories. Room: Old Sins is about the mysterious disappearance of a married couple. You have to solve this mystery. It happened in the doll house, but there was more. You can play the game offline but you can not save the game using the offline cloud feature. Once saved you can play it on other devices where you left off.


Room Series has pictures in line with its spirit and a thrilling background track that makes you feel real. The Room Series has drama and style. Room: Old Sins is available for $ 5.08 in the Google Play Store. It has no other in-app purchases and does not show any ads.


If you are looking for a real racing game on mobile, this will be great for you. Grid Autosport is one of the few racing games with offline support with excellent graphics. The game has over 100 cars, tracks and options to choose from. You can control your car from Tilt, Wheel Touch, Arrow Touch or gamepad. It has various modes including Open-Wheel, Tuner, Touring, Endurance, Demolition, Drift, Drag and Street Races.


The sound and image management is really good. Grid Autosport is available on Google Playstore for $ 12.03. The game does not require in-app purchases that you can use on cars, tracks or other mixed items. The game is worth your money. Requires 3.9GB large internal space for installation. If your device does not support Grid Autosport, you will be prohibited from purchasing it


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