BestChange. Monitoring of exchangers with a reserve of more than $1 billion!

Today I will tell you about BestChange exchangers monitoring. It has been in operation since 2007, and I have been using it personally for over 7 years. This is probably the most popular service among its counterparts.

Here you will find more than 440 exchangers, hundreds of exchange directions for various currencies, payment systems, cryptocurrencies, banks, etc. And the total reserve of currencies at all exchangers exceeds $1.1 billion.

I will tell you how to use the monitoring, what its features are and I will also list all its pros and cons. The review is quite compact, but I hope it will not lose its usefulness.


How to use the monitoring?

First of all, you need to choose the direction of the exchange, that is, specify what currency and from which payment system you want to exchange and on what. You can choose the direction in one of 3 ways: from the table or from the drop-down list, or find the desired pair among the popular ones.

After choosing a direction, you will get a list of exchangers who are ready to exchange your money. By default, the sorting of exchangers is made on the basis of the rate offered by them - the most favorable for you will be higher. Information is updated every few seconds.

Pay attention to the minimum and maximum amount of one transaction, the reserve of the currency you need and reviews. If any of the parameters does not suit you, then move on to the next option in the list.

By the way, do not bother about reviews, because all exchangers are checked by monitoring before they are added. Cheaters are practically ruled out. The main thing - do not have a lot of negative feedback (1-2 - is not critical) and were positive - the more the better.

Also, hover over the icons next to the name of the exchanger to learn more information about it in the pop-up boxes. There may be an indication of what mode the exchanger works - manual or automatic. This may affect the speed of processing.

In addition, some exchangers may require mandatory verification of documents, or NOT to fix the exchange rate at the time of application. That is, the rate may change while you fill out your data and transfer funds for the exchange.

And all when you find the best for you point, you just click on it in the table and go to his website. The actual exchange will take place there.


Functionality of BestChange monitoring

Not to say that this monitoring is full of any tricks and gimmicks, but objectively, it has everything you need for user convenience. Now let's analyze the most important things.

  • Calculator. You can calculate the amount of one or another exchanger with or without all commissions.
  • Notification. You can select the exchange rate and the amount you're interested in, and when an exchanger will be available, you'll get an email.
  • Double exchange. Sometimes direct exchange rates may be too unfavorable for all exchangers that suit you. In this case, you can exchange money in 2 steps through some transit currency. Often it helps to save on commissions and here all options will be selected for you automatically.
  • Statistics. With the help of this function you can see how the exchange rate has changed for the period from 1 hour to 1 year. The result will be shown on a graph. Also here you can see the graph of the total reserve of all exchangers for this currency and the fluctuations of popularity.
  • ¬†Applications. You can install an add-on (plugin) for your browser from monitoring or Windows application. And you can search for the right exchanger not on the BestChange website but in applications.

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