BGMI IOS Version: Ketan of K18 Gaming claims, ‘Battleground Mobile India’s IOS Version can release on July

BGMI IOS Version – Is PUBG Mobile Battleground Mobile India’s IOS Version releasing in July? Let’s make it straight that KRAFTON has not given any update on the Battleground Mobile India IOS Release date. But according to Ketan aka K18 Gaming, the IOS version of BGMI might be announced anytime today.

BGMI IOS Version – When it is getting released? Developers of KRAFTON are still working on the IOS version of BGMI. Well the tester version of BGMI is still available on the Google Play store. BGMI is basically a rebranded version of the PUBG Mobile India Game. After its ban in India, KRAFTON developed Battleground with some fantastic features. BGMI has its own Game Management System with separate servers and data management policies.


K18 Gaming hints at the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) iOS release date in his recent stream,

“Battlegrounds Mobile India might be release anytime today as the game is set to release. As you guys have seen that The Launch Party day 1 matches started at 2 pm on 8th July 2021. Then why the officials decided to host the day 2 matches at 6 pm on 9th 2021. If I am not wrong the game will be releasing on iOS devices and everyone might be playing on iOS devices in Battlegrounds Mobile India.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS release date has not been confirmed yet but as per rumors and leaks, it might releases later today.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: APK and OBB File download link
If you facing a problem with the download from Google Play Store, we got you covered, we have mentioned the download link of APK and OBB file of Battlegrounds Mobile India and step by step guide to install that.

APK and OBB File download link-

Step 1 – Download APK and OBB File from the link

Step 2 – Install the APK on your device

Step 3 – Move/copy the OBB file to the folder given below



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