Bid farewell to miserable migraine attacks with these tips


Sleep is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly using up our energy for various activities, so we must recharge ourselves every night with a goodnight sleep. After a long day of physical and mental hard work, we deserve a relaxing break at night. A lack of sleep is a trigger for migraine attacks. Risking good sleep is equivalent to pressurizing our mind and body to work past its threshold. 

As victims of this vicious disease, we must get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. We should also focus on sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. Routine is the key to conquering migraine attacks.


Maintain a migraine journal:

Migraine has numerous triggers and symptoms. These symptoms and triggers depend on an individual's lifestyle. One of the best ways of controlling migraine occurrences is to keep track of triggers, symptoms and remedies used. 

'Migraine buddy' is a great app that helps you to keep track of your triggers, symptoms, medications and, all other nitty-gritty details of that day that could have possibly triggered an attack.

Once you start keeping track of everything, the journal can help you to seek appropriate treatment. You can steer clear of all the possible triggers as well. 


Stick to a routine:

As mentioned earlier, routine is key to managing migraine attacks. Staying loyal to a healthy routine can bring tremendous changes to your migraine occurrence patterns. The migraine journal can help in building a healthy routine that helps to prevent migraine attacks.

Manage stress and focus on mindfulness:

Stress is a crucial trigger inducing factor for all migraine patients. In today's world, stress is unavoidable, but not managing stress. Meditation, self-care and practising mindfulness should be essential components in our lifestyle. 


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