Biscuit cake with raspberries and cream



Wheat flour - 125 g

Sugar - 125 gr

Eggs - 2 pcs.

Vanillin - 2 gr

Cream 33% - 100 ml

Fresh raspberries - 140 gr

Butter - to grease the molds


Gelatin - 1 tbsp.

Boiled water - 200 ml

Sugar - 125 g

Raspberry jam - 2 tbsp.

33% cream - 350 ml

Fresh raspberries - 140 gr


Black chocolate - 30g

Fresh raspberries - to taste

Cooking process:

I offer you a delicious sponge cake with raspberries and cream. This dessert has raspberries

in the biscuit itself and in the cream filling, it's insanely fragrant, tasty and

beautiful. These cakes are wonderful to serve with a cup of coffee, and they can also replace

a birthday cake. I love to spoil my family with delicious pastries, so I made just a

day off. The brownie is made quite simply.

Let's start our process by making the sponge cake. To do this, in the bowl of the combine you need to break 2 eggs.

Beat them until the mass begins to increase.

Gradually add the sugar to the eggs and beat everything together.

Place the egg mixture in a deep bowl, add the flour and vanilla.

Mix the dough by folding. Then add cream and mix again.

Grease a mold with cold butter, pour the batter into it.

Place half of the raspberries tightly against each other on the surface of the dough. Raspberries do not

It is recommended, but if you do wash them, it should be well dried. Preheat the oven to 180

degrees and bake the biscuit for 35-40 minutes until tender. Cool the biscuit without taking it out of


In a saucepan, pour the gelatin with cold boiled water for 30 minutes, then heat it without bringing it to

Bring to the boil, adding 1 tbsp. sugar. Add a couple of tablespoons of raspberry jam to the gelatin base and stir well.

Add a couple of tablespoons of raspberry jam to the gelatin base and mix well. Cool the liquid to room temperature.

Pour the cream into the bowl of a food processor, add the sugar and whisk until the cream begins to thicken. Using a thin

Pour in the gelatin base a little at a time. The mass will be liquid.

Place fresh raspberries on the cooled biscuit.

Pour the biscuit with the cream and gelatin mixture. Take it to the fridge to solidify.

After the creamy layer has set, cut the cakes into squares or

squares or rectangles with a sharp knife.

To serve, sprinkle the sponge cakes with raspberries and cream with grated chocolate and

decorate with fresh raspberries.


Bon appetit!


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