Bitcoin price exceeded $50 thousand for the first time since early September

The cost of bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance exceeded $50 thousand for the first time since early September. Growth in value over the past 24 hours was 5%, and for the week - 18%. The last time a sharp rise in the value of bitcoin was recorded against the background of news from El Salvador. Thus, on September 7, President Nayib Bukele announced that bitcoin for the first time in history became the official currency of the state. Prices in El Salvador can now be set in bitcoin, taxes can also be paid in them, and exchanges in bitcoin will not be subject to capital gains tax. The exchange rate will be freely set by the market.In August, bitcoin reached a three-month high, it happened on the night of Monday, August 23. Then the rate also exceeded $50 thousand. And in April bitcoin reached a record high, exceeding $64 thousand, but then it fell down to $30 thousand (and lower) in June and July 2021. At that time, experts called the cause of the fall the resumption of regulatory control by the Chinese authorities, which forced miners to stop bitcoin mining operations and move them to another place. Translated with


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