Bitcoin's Anonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto's First-Ever Statue Unveiled in Budapest

Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto's first statue was unveiled in Budapest, Hungary this Thursday. Although the legendary creator's identity is still a mystery to the world, the bronze statue acknowledges the immense contribution to the disruption of traditional currency. It has been put on display at Graphishop Park, Budapest. The sculpture is the bust of a person wearing a hoodie that has the Bitcoin (BTC) logo engraved on it. The face has been sculpted with vague features to represent Satoshi Nakamoto's anonymity.

Bitcoin's Anonymous Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

According to, Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto's statue was unveiled by David Györkös, the owner of the company that made the sculpture. Györkös said that he wanted to share the bust of Satoshi with the world in the open, rather than hiding it in private. “One of the things that makes us in Hungary so proud is how this secretive person from Japan became this global icon,” he added. He explained that the company had limited resources at its disposal. However, it was the need to keep the essence of the Bitcoin’s founder that drove them to do the sculpture. Györkös explained that Nakamoto has inspired the world and should be acknowledged as such.


Why is the statue anonymous?

At first, Satoshi Nakamoto's identity was assumed to be a couple of Japanese businessmen. They were working for a Japanese telecommunications company at the time and were often visited by law enforcement officials, all because of their association with the digital currency. It was also said that the sole Satoshi Nakamoto was a multi-millionaire located in Japan. There were several suggestions that it could be Tom Lee, an investor and CEO of Fundstrat. Another person involved in the Bitcoin scene was Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The duo has made a huge amount of money in their respective investments in the digital currency. But soon, it was found out that it was almost impossible to determine Satoshi Nakamoto's identity.


The First Statue of Satoshi Nakamoto

This statue is the first to be built in the US with the character’s full features, according to media reports. It is unknown whether the person in the bust is truly the creator of the controversial cryptocurrency. The statue was designed by Anthony Bradshaw, who is a designer based out of Cardiff, Wales, and an Italian architect, Dario Gambarin. Gambarin was later asked about the origins of the Bitcoin world. He is quoted as saying: "Bitcoin started in a garage in Australia in 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto invented it and it is like a god to them. I am proud to have created a bitcoin statue because I am part of its history.” Gambarin's quotes on the statue have been widely circulated in the media. The Bitcoin creator's face is virtually covered by a hoodie with a Bitcoin logo printed on it.


What did the sculptor say?

Krisót Kocsis, one of the sculptors behind the bust of Satoshi Nakamoto, said that he came up with the idea to immortalize the mysterious founder. He also added that the statue was designed to send a message to the world that there is a new currency that the world should be aware of. According to him, the Bitcoin symbol is abstract and instead, he wanted to depict something concrete. He said that he thinks that Bitcoin is a technology that changes the world. He also added that they always dreamt of doing something like this and they hope it will be a reminder of the pioneering role played by Satoshi Nakamoto in bitcoin. Other statues of Satoshi Nakamoto With the unveiling of the statue, other statues of Satoshi Nakamoto have also been revealed.


Why Budapest?

Although it is not known for sure where Satoshi Nakamoto is from or where he was born, he may have lived in Budapest. He has been named as the creator of the cryptocurrency by leading business figures, including Blockchain Capital's Andy Rappaport and Tuur Demeester of DeGelbe & Demeester, who recently wrote in the Financial Times about their attempts to track the creator down. While Bitcoin has been successful since its initial launch in 2008, the value has recently dropped considerably. Some believe that the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency has limited its appeal. Satoshi Nakamoto saw potential in Bitcoin and its utility as a currency.



The introduction of the statue aims to further define Satoshi Nakamoto's accomplishments and existence. Although the original Bitcoin creator is still shrouded in mystery, he has achieved quite a milestone in shaping the world of virtual money. The man-in-the-middle role he played with the digital cryptocurrency has enabled people to use it and enjoy its benefits. Though his true identity remains a mystery, the statue indicates that he is a man who left a lasting legacy in a relatively short span of time. Bitcoin has come a long way since its introduction and is still growing at an exponential rate. It is quite possible that more statues will be unveiled in the future.


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