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In February 2004, Lionsgate obtained the film rights for Black Widow,[60] and in April announced David Hayter as writer and director of the film, with Marvel Studios' Avi Arad generating.[61] By June 2006, Lionsgate had dropped the venture and the rights reverted to Marvel Studios. Hayter and Marvel tried getting another financier to expand the challenge, however, Hayter "by no means felt cushty that we had found an area that changed into inclined to take the movie, and the person, severely". This left Hayter "heartbroken", however, he hoped the film would be made "someday".

Marvel entered early talks with Emily Blunt to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2 (2010) in January 2009, however she become not able to take the position because of a previous dedication to superstar in Gulliver's Travels (2010). In March 2009, Scarlett Johansson signed directly to play Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, along with her deal including alternatives for more than one movie. In September 2010, at the same time as selling the house media release of Iron Man 2, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said that discussions with Johansson had already taken region concerning a Black Widow standalone film, but that Marvel's focus turned into on The Avengers (2012). Johansson reprised her role in that movie, in addition to in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019). After the release of Age of Ultron, Johansson discovered that the variety of movies on her contract had been adjusted when you consider that she first signed to shape the "call for of the person", as Marvel had now not expected the audience's "super reaction" to the character and her overall performance.

In February 2014, Feige said that after exploring Black Widow's beyond in Age of Ultron, he would love to look it explored similarly in a solo movie, which already had improvement work performed for it, such as a "quite extensive" treatment with the aid of Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). The following April, Johansson expressed interest in starring in a Black Widow film and said that it'd be pushed by a call for from the target audience. That July, Hayter expressed hobby in reviving the challenge for Marvel, and the subsequent month, director Neil Marshall said that he "would like to do a Black Widow film", saying he felt the individual turned into "genuinely interesting [given] she would not have any superpowers, she simply has extraordinary abilities, and the arena that she comes from, being this ex-K.G.B. Murderer, I locate that captivating". In April 2015, Johansson spoke extra about the possibility of a solo Black Widow movie, seeing the ability to explore the man or woman's exceptional layers as depicted in her previous appearances. However, she felt that the character turned into being "used nicely in this part of the universe" at that time. While selling Civil War the subsequent April, Feige referred to that because of the introduced agenda of movies, any capacity Black Widow film could be four or five years away. He introduced that Marvel turned into "creatively and emotionally" devoted to making a Black Widow movie sooner or later.

Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, said in July 2016 that he was open to directing a Black Widow film, feeling he may want to make "a secret agent mystery. Like sincerely do a terrific, paranoid, 'John le Carré on crack' sort of factor." In October, Johansson discussed the capacity movie being a prequel, saying, "you could convey it back to Russia. You ought to explore the Widow program. There's all styles of stuff that you can do with it." She did warning she won't want to "wear a pores and skin-tight catsuit" for much longer. The next February, Johansson stated that she might commit herself to creating any capability Black Widow movie "brilliant. It might have to be the exceptional model that movie ought to in all likelihood be. Otherwise, I could by no means do it ... [it would] should be its own standalone and its very own fashion and its personal tale." Due to the improvement paintings already accomplished, and the public help for a Black Widow film, Marvel in the long run determined that the exceptional time to transport ahead with the assignment might be at the beginning of the "modern segment" of the MCU in 2020.

Feige met with Johansson to discuss the path of a solo film in October 2017, before Marvel began meeting with writers for the mission, which include Jac Schaeffer.[84] Following the #MeToo movement, Johansson wanted the film to comment on the motion which saw women supporting every other and "coming thru these shared studies of trauma on the alternative side". Schaeffer met with Feige in December, and become employed to write the screenplay by means of the cease of 2017. Schaeffer and Johansson were set to discuss the path of the film at the start of February 2018.[88] Marvel commenced meeting with lady administrators to probably take on the mission, a part of a concern push through principal film studios to rent female directors for franchises. By the stop of April, the studio had met with over sixty five directors for the challenge in an "extraordinarily thorough" seek, consisting of Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Chloé Zhao—who went directly to direct Marvel's Eternals (2021)—Amma Asante and Lynn Shelton. Lucrecia Martel was additionally approached, but changed into discouraged when advised she could no longer ought to "worry approximately the motion scenes". She also felt the tune and visible results of Marvel movies had been "terrible". In the subsequent months, a shortlist of 49 directors become made before the pinnacle picks of Cate Shortland, Asante, and Maggie Betts met with Feige and Johansson in June.[94] Mélanie Laurent and Kimberly Peirce have been also within the "next-to-very last blend". Johansson turned into partial to Shortland's previous girl-starring film Lore (2012), and was the one who approached her approximately directing the movie;[24]: 1  Shortland was hired in July. Johansson said Black Widow became "greater of a fact" throughout the filming of Infinity War and she turned into also aware about the person's demise in Endgame. Knowing this helped inform while Black Widow could take region inside the MCU timeline. Johansson also believed there was "no urgent urgency" to make the movie, and that making it when it turned into, in preference to years earlier, allowed the movie to be "about real stuff".


The Hollywood Reporter pronounced in October 2018 that Johansson could earn $15 million for the film, an growth from the "low-seven parent revenue" that she earned for starring in The Avengers. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth every earned $15 million for the third films of their MCU franchises—Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok (2017), respectively, and additionally earned the identical amount for co-starring in Infinity War and Endgame. Despite The Hollywood Reporter claiming the salaries have been showed by way of "more than one knowledgeable sources" for his or her document, Marvel Studios disputed the accuracy of the numbers, announcing that they "by no means publicly disclose salaries or deal phrases." The Walt Disney Company later said that Johansson earned $20 million by means of the end of July 2021 for her work on the film. Johansson also served as an govt producer at the film.


In February 2019, Ned Benson was employed to rewrite the script, and Feige confirmed that, notwithstanding rumors, the studio did not need the film to acquire an R-score from the Motion Picture Association. The following month, Florence Pugh entered negotiations to enroll in the forged as a undercover agent who's "morally opposite" to Romanoff, later revealed to be Yelena Belova. Marvel had been considering Pugh for the role due to the fact late 2018, however started out looking at other actresses, together with Saoirse Ronan, in early 2019. The studio back to Pugh after she acquired sturdy opinions for her overall performance within the film Fighting with My Family (2019). Devin Grayson and J. G. Jones, who co-created Belova, had anticipated to get hold of $25,000 for her look within the movie because of a 2007 settlement with Marvel Comics, but in the long run obtained $5,000 because of a provision inside the settlement which allowed Marvel to lessen creators' bills. In April 2019, Pugh was showed to have been solid along David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, and O-T Fagbenle. Shortland stated the film would no longer be an origin tale despite being a prequel to Infinity War and Endgame, as Feige felt that would be expected of a prequel and decided to move within the "opposite direction" of that idea. Feige likened the movie to the television series Better Call Saul, which is a prequel to the series Breaking Bad, because it was "a high-quality instance of a prequel that nearly absolutely stands on its very own... [but] it informs you approximately so many things you failed to understand approximately earlier than". Shortland acknowledged Romanoff's death in Endgame and the truth that some enthusiasts had been disappointed she did not get hold of a funeral in that movie, but said the man or woman became personal and did not know many people so she could now not have desired a funeral. However, Black Widow allowed the ending "to be the grief the individuals felt, in preference to a big public outpouring".

Eric Pearson is credited as the screenwriter for Black Widow, with Schaeffer and Benson receiving tale credit score.[106] The film is normally set among the primary plot of Captain America: Civil War and that movie's final scene, wherein the Avengers get away from prison. Johansson and Feige felt setting the movie after Civil War became "the exceptional vicinity to start" because it's far the primary time that Romanoff is on her own and not tied to a larger agency. A version of the script from before Pearson joined had blanketed a scene from Civil War between Romanoff and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark / Iron Man, and Downey become said to be acting inside the movie,[109] but Shortland and Feige determined in opposition to adding Stark or some other heroes to the movie in order for Romanoff to stand on her very own,[110] and it become decided that the scene did now not upload some thing new.[108] The tale sees Romanoff confronting Dreykov, the head of the Red Room, with Johansson explaining that she is walking faraway from that trauma of her past, only for her sister, Belova, to pressure her to "come to phrases with that" and face it in the movie. Johansson introduced that these thoughts were relevant to actual-global events in the time the movie was being made, and he or she become grateful to have the film to comment on those. The movie starts with an opening credits collection designed by Perception, offering flashbacks to the Red Room and pictures of Dreykov, with Feige explaining that Shortland desired to tell the story of what Dreykov is responsible for at the beginning of the film. A scene at the quit of the film wherein Thaddeus Ross pursues Romanoff changed into deliberately left unresolved, as Shortland wanted to go away the target market "on a excessive" wondering how Romanoff escapes in preference to exhaust them with any other combat.


Principal pictures began on May 28, 2019, in Norway. Shortland wanted the movie to have "peril at its heart" and be "sincerely emotional but also story-pushed". She took notion from movies like How to Train Your Dragon (2010), sixty three  No Country for Old Men (2007), and Thelma & Louise (1991), in addition to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Shortland additionally looked at combat movies and ones with armies and defense force, allowing her to image females in the ones roles to help translate that to Black Widow. She referenced combat scenes involving female characters in Alien (1979) and the Terminator franchise, and wanted the movie's fights to resemble "real fights" rather than wrestling fits. Early reviews cautioned that Rob Hardy will be the film's cinematographer, but he left the manufacturing before filming began. Gabriel Beristain served as cinematographer instead, having formerly completed so for the Marvel One-Shot brief movies Item forty seven (2012) and Agent Carter (2013) in addition to the television series Agent Carter. Beristain become initially not credited in the movie's trailers as pointed out via Jeff Sneider of Collider, who questioned if contractual limitations had been to blame for Marvel no longer crediting the cinematographer at that point. Sneider felt Beristain might be credited in advertising substances main up to the movie's release, and he turned into showed inside the role within the film's press enhance.  Bernstein later confirmed he got here as production had already began and moved to London, opting to depart a television directing process so he will be the main cinematographer in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie for the primary time, having contributed additional pictures for Iron Man and six other movies. Shortland preferred to "be separate to the technical gadget" and additionally prioritize natural lighting fixtures, which supplied a task in having to suit the light of the vicinity shoots inside the extra pictures filmed in Los Angeles. The naturalistic method turned into also meditated in preferring lighting fixtures from outside, or lighting with strong diffusion in interior scenes for the identical impact. An anamorphic layout become selected to spotlight the expansive moves and landscapes, "characters transitioning from the history to the foreground, crossing the display screen in an stylish, majestic manner", and filming those turned into helped by the usage of an extension gadget that split the digicam's photo sensor from its frame.

Hankley Common, Surrey, England, which became made to appear like a Russian farmstead for the movie

The manufacturing moved to Pinewood Studios in London in early June, with Ray Winstone joining the solid later that month. Shooting took place in mid-July at Hankley Common in Surrey, England, underneath the operating identify Blue Bayou. The website become made to seem like a Russian farmstead, with brought helicopter crash web sites. The Thursley Parish Council objected to this filming, because it had passed off at the same time as Marvel Studios' software to apply the site become still pending. The production planned to revisit the website online in overdue August 2019 for similarly filming. Black Widow changed into officially introduced at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con later in July, with a release date of May 1, 2020, found out along roles for a number of the brand new forged contributors. In August, bodybuilder Olivier Richters introduced that he were solid inside the film, and crew undertook scanning and textured images at the Well-Safe Guardian oil rig within the North Sea as a reference for visual consequences.

13 BMW X3s were used to create the auto chase series concerning Romanoff and Belova in Budapest, with the team often switching off the electronic balance control and safety help functions to match with the script, as well as swapping the X3's digital parking brake for a hydraulically actuated one. Second unit director Darrin Prescott defined that the group could frequently "replace the engine or tear the whole frame off the auto and rebuild it from scratch". The sequence's plot and locations were adjusted to assist Prescott create the spontaneous, original stunts that he desired.

A wrap birthday celebration for the film changed into held on the end of September, before manufacturing moved to Macon, Georgia for the week of September 30. Filming places in Macon, which includes Terminal Station, had been dressed to painting Albany, New York. Set pics in October discovered that William Hurt would seem inside the film, reprising his MCU position as Thaddeus Ross. Filming also occurred in Atlanta, Budapest, Rome, Georgia, and Morocco. The manufacturing filmed for 87 days  and officially wrapped on October 6, 2019.


Matthew Schmidt and Leigh Folsom Boyd served as editors.  A scene of Romanoff carrying underclothes and a T-blouse that Shortland loved due to "how sexy [Johansson] is [when] she's on top of things" changed into cut from the film due to the fact check audiences criticized the scene's "male gaze". In mid-March, Disney removed the film from its launch schedule because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early April, Disney announced that Black Widow would be released on November 6, 2020, and the relaxation of their Phase Four slate of movies have been shifted to accommodate this.[131] In September 2020, Disney driven the discharge again again to May 7, 2021, accompanied by using a third shift in March 2021 to July nine, 2021.

In April 2021, following Julia Louis-Dreyfus's look as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the Marvel Studios television series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021), Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair reported that Louis-Dreyfus were predicted to first seem in Black Widow before its delays driven the movie's release to after the collection' optimal on Disney+.Feige later showed this, with Black Widow's put up-credits scene at first meant to be the creation to the character however now performing as a reference to her appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He said this become the simplest trade to Marvel's Phase Four plans that turned into forced by the pandemic.[135] The publish-credit scene changed into delivered after Hawkeye showrunner Jonathan Igla expressed hobby in having Yelena Belova in his show, and Eric Pearson become requested to write it without understanding the person found out as her target. Shortland said in May that the film had been completed a year prior and had not been altered no matter the discharge delays.[137] The launch of the movie discovered that Olga Kurylenko portrays Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster inside the movie; Kurylenko's involvement become excluded from the movie's marketing.


Visual effect providers protected Cinesite, Digital Domain, Industrial Light & Magic, Mammal Studios, SSVFX, Scanline VFX, Trixter, and Wētā FX.[138] Digital Domain finished about 320 visual consequences shots for the movie, with work cut up between its offices in Los Angeles, Montreal and Vancouver, and turned into often responsible for the final battle series and growing the Red Room, an airborne fortress hidden inside the clouds. The team took notion from structure in the Soviet-technology, in addition to incorporating brutalist structure, and had to plot fundamental elements of the collection, consisting of the lighting fixtures, ecosystem, and the altitude.[139][140] A mixture of sensible and visible effects were used to create the sequence. Actors and stunt performers have been filmed in a wind tunnel against bluescreens even as being held aloft using wires and mechanical hands. The surrounding environment was created totally with laptop pictures. Dave Hodgins, the Digital Domain VFX supervisor, said "Rendering one cloud is straightforward, but rendering a hundred clouds – along with dozens of portions of massive and small debris – could be very complex, to mention the least." The visible effects crew used GPU rendering to create the bulk of the wreckage and particles, which allowed them to do extra in a shorter period of time. The falling debris turned into constructed from reference pictures of different chunks of particles and extra premade belongings, which allowed them to capture a "diorama of stuff falling in every shot". Larger portions were tracked to extra recognizable shapes, whilst a number of portions had been inserted to make the scene look "aesthetically pleasing".[139][140]



Industrial Light & Magic completed approximately 800 VFX shots for the movie, and labored on the outlet airplane break out scene, the Budapest apartment fight along with its subsequent motorcycle and car chase, and the Widows fighting Romanoff in Dreykov's room. The beginning airplane escape scene become created with half of an plane rig on a biscuit using platform with hydraulics. To regulate the lights of the scene, the footage filmed in Atlanta and the dust route along the cornfield changed into taken to LED displays, whilst close-up photographs of David Harbour's Shostakov hanging off the aircraft had been captured onstage. Footage of sensible motors were additionally filmed the usage of a rig which released them, even as extra CGI automobiles were additionally inserted into the series. To create the Budapest scenes, ILM collaborated closely with the second unit director Darren Prescott. The fight scene in the kitchen turned into filmed using a cord rig, whilst each Johansson and Pugh finished their moves against the stunt doubles for the other sister to resource inside the face replacements for stunt doubles in publish. Their chase throughout the rooftops was also a mixture of sensible and visual consequences. Scenes involving smokestacks have been created the usage of virtual actors, while the courtyard was a digitally recreated environment. The car chase scene in Budapest features a practical tank driven via Taskmaster created through Paul Corbould, the special effects supervisor. Digital cars have been additionally delivered to the scene to make it appear greater dangerous and for better interaction with the tank. While most components of the scene became filmed nearly the use of stunt doubles, a few components, which includes the scene where the door is ripped, was created digitally. For the fight scene in Dreykov's workplace, the crew used a projector onset to regulate the lighting fixtures at the Widow's our bodies. They had to exchange the position to fix the lighting fixtures, because the monitors displayed graphics and to modify to the choreography of the series.


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