Blame myself


I don't blame Satan, I don't blame God. for both of them are good friends of mine, who work for my good , and their good works can be seen among men , hence no body should deceive me , because i understand them as my good friends and neighbor "Satan and God ". No man can achieve outside these two friends. God provided me with small paid work and Satan dismised me from the small paid work for me to be reasonable by facing hardship and be prudent, and God seeing the seriousness in me, challenges Satan by providing me with a bigger paid work through my suffering and hardwork, now that i am reasonable, cause by my friend Satan. I remember the statement "love your neighbor as you love yourself ", I also remember Mr Job who also love God and Satan, instead , curse his date of birth . I recognised their good works towards me... Permit me to quote 1 John 4 vs 7:8 by their good works today; I'm righteous, perfect,strong and great . I now, believed that everythings created under the Sun are good and perfect. My God provided me with animal skin for my nakedness and my Satan provided me clothes for my nakedness, thus I'm a prince . My God provided me with legs to walk, eyes to see, ears to listen and my Satan provided me with cars ,jet for fast movement. Even the pastors notice it, that is why they all needed the money made by Satan to buy jet etc for fast movement and they are beneficiaries , especially jet for heavenly "Rapture " knowing fully Rapture is by "Faith" and that is uncertainty.

Hence i said anyone that loves me to join me in thanking this my two good friends God.

by Mezydear-john


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Am from Nigerian and a native unyeada in Andoni Rivers state port Harcourt.

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