Blogger reveals simple way to protect white sofa from dirt

A woman revealed a simple way to protect the surface of a sofa from dirt and surprised online users. The relevant video appeared on her TikTok account.

In the footage posted online, mother of five Toni Elmer (Toni Elmer) explained that many parents often avoid buying white furniture because they are afraid that their children will quickly ruin it. The woman said she has found a way to keep the look of the sofa intact. According to her, it is necessary to buy furniture, which is covered with water-repellent fabric.

In the video, the blogger spilled a can of soda on the surface of her couch and then wiped the liquid with a paper napkin. She demonstrated that there was no trace left on it. The video went viral and gained 191,500 views. Subscribers were surprised by Elmer's tipster's trick, and they called it genius.

"I need a couch like this!", "This is just genius", "This is some magic!", "I don't trust my kids anyway, but your video looks impressive!", "Crazy! I need that couch right away!" - they wrote.

Earlier in October, a woman showed a way to get a stain out of a carpet using improvised means. In footage posted online, Leanne Lewis revealed that she accidentally spilled self-tanner on her carpet. According to her, to get rid of the stain, she generously moistened it with micellar water, then applied baking soda and left the resulting mixture on the fabric for 10 minutes. After that, the blogger cleaned the stain with a stiff pile brush.



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