Bluetooth devices are at risk - you need to know!!

More than 20 BrakTooth vulnerabilities have been discovered that can be used to control a Bluetooth-connected device. PCMag estimates that more than 1,400 different models of electronic devices have been affected.


If a hacker knows the bdadress of a device, he can remotely render it useless. Of course, it must be within the Bluetooth connection range. The flaw was discovered by researchers at Singapore's University of Technology and Design. The ASSET research team documented about 20 Bluetooth device vulnerabilities for the BrakTooth bug. In total, up to 1,400 different models, which include laptops, smartphones, speakers, headphones, etc., could be affected by the fault.


The word BrakTooth refers to the malfunction of a device that has a Bluetooth connection. Manufacturers of models that have BrakTooth were made aware of the situation months ago. This means that researchers at ASSET have known about the vulnerability for a long time. Only now have they decided to share the information with the public. In the meantime, many manufacturers have agreed with the reports from Singapore. Some have released patches to fix the problem, some companies continue to investigate the causes and possible solutions to the flaw, and others have announced that they have no intention to deal with it at all.

Models affected by BrakTooth include Intel, Qualcomm, Dell and Xiaomi, among others, according to PCMag. ASSET investigators expect to release full documentation of the bug by the end of October. By doing so, they want to give time to Intel developers, who are still working on a solution to the problem.


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