Bored during this pandemic? Its hobby time!

Say goodbye to boredom.

This pandemic and just about everything in general could have you feeling like you are stuck in a rut and redundancy is such a yawn fest. Here are some ideas to get you inspired, active and solutions for those winter boredom blues..or greys..

1. Pick up something creative, if you are more of the, well, creative type

  • learn to make your own jewelry. materials can be very inexpensive and its a very easy hobby to learn.
  • purchase inexpensive items like clothing or old furniture from local thrift stores and flip them or just recreate to your liking.
  • if you like photography, learn more about it. If you know enough, perfect your skills.

2. Be more active by making your own personal gym in your home or being active outdoors.

  • Not only will your body thank you for it, but you will notice how much energised you feel afterwards 
  • This option is much safer during the current pandemic, if you have space that suffices your gym.
  • if your home gym is not an option, outdoors is another one. Please make wise decisions doing so, winter temps can be brutal so dress accordingly and if going alone, always be alert of your surroundings.

3. learn new skills online and get certification

  •  use apps like Alison which allows you to choose from many subjects and learn for free. There is so many subjects like human resources, healthcare, just to name a few.

4. Coin Collecting

  • There is actual quite a demand for coins at the moment, and some are sought after, worth checking out.
  • Going to your local bank to switch out bills for rolled change is my fave. You never know when you come across a 1964 silver quarter in a quarter roll.

There's so many endless hobby ideas that wont fit on this article but you get the idea. Do something new for a change and just for once, get out of your comfort zone. If there is one thing that makes us tired and dull, it is the idea of rotation and routine. Always keep in mind to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings, whatever it is you decide to do. Try letting go of the norm and live it up a little. Life is short as it is, why not live to tell your story? Until next article, be safe and stay healthy. Take Care.

- Jamie Lockman


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