Boston Cream Cake



Chicken egg - 4 pcs.

Wheat flour - 120 gr

Sugar - 200 gr

Baking powder - 1 tsp.

Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp.

Water (boiling water) - 3 tbsp.



Milk - 400 ml

Butter - 50 gr

Sugar - 100 gr

Chicken egg - 2 pcs.

Potato starch - 30 gr



Milk - 70 ml

Sugar - 50 gr

Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp.

Butter - 20 gr

Black chocolate - 30 gr


Boston cream cake is a delicate, soft and very tasty cake. It consists of white sponge cake, Patissiere cream and chocolate frosting. Yes! It's very simple, and I didn't think the taste would surprise at first. But from the first bite, the flavors are off the charts. It's just a delightful combination. The cake can be eaten in a few hours - it soaks in very quickly. And if it will stand overnight in the fridge, it just melts on the lips.


In all the sources I found, the cake is covered with chocolate mixed with cream. I made the frosting with added chocolate. I like this kind of frosting, it has the perfect consistency to cover the cake.

I decided to decorate the cake a bit, but that is not necessary at all.


To make the Boston cream cake not seem time consuming, or if you don't have a lot of free time, you can bake the sponge cake and wrap it in foil, and finish the cake the next day.

I highly recommend making this cake, our housemates liked it very much.

Prepare the necessary ingredients for the sponge cake.

Ingredients for the sponge cake

Break the eggs into a bowl. Add the sugar.

Mix eggs and sugar.

Beat with a mixer. The mixture should turn white and increase in volume.

Beat eggs and sugar.


Mix baking powder with flour. Sift it into the egg mixture. Stir with a spatula.

Pour in oil and boiling water. Stir again.

Add flour, butter and boiling water.

Line the bottom of a baking tin (20cm) with baking paper. Then lay out the pastry.

Pour the batter into the tin.

Bake the cake at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. Bake the first 15 minutes under foil.

Let it cool in the baking tin. Using a thin spatula, run it along the edge of the mold and remove the biscuit. Remove the paper.

Bake the cake.


Prepare the ingredients for the cream.

Ingredients for the cream

In a saucepan, beat the eggs. Add sugar and starch. Stir thoroughly.

Mix the eggs, sugar and starch.

Pour hot milk in a thin stream. Stir well.

Pour in the milk.

Cook the cream over low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens.

Boil the cream

Add butter to the hot cream and stir it up.

Cover the cream with clingfilm, so that it touches the surface of the cream. Leave it to cool completely.

Cover the cream with the cling film.

Prepare the ingredients for the icing.

Ingredients for the glaze

Mix all the ingredients except for the chocolate.

Mix the ingredients for the icing

Cook the glaze over medium heat. Remove the glaze from the stove when it becomes homogeneous and begins to boil.

Immediately add the chocolate and stir until dissolved.

Make the frosting

Cut the biscuit into three pieces.

Cut the cake into slices.

Spread half of the cream on the cake. Cover with second biscuit.

Spread cream on top of biscuit.

Spread remaining cream, cover with third cake.

Assemble the cake

Cover the cake with icing and leave in fridge for a few hours.

You can decorate the cake if you like.

Frost the cake with the icing.

Cut the Boston Cream Cake with a sharp knife and you are ready to eat.


Bon appetit.


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