Bought a 1,000 BTC gold coin instead of two gold bars - earned $51 million

In 2011, an investor decided to buy a one-ounce gold coin worth 1,000 BTC instead of two gold bars. He paid $4,905 for it. Today this coin is valued at $51 million. 


💬 "It was hard to make the decision because I didn't know what bitcoin was," said the anonymous owner of the 1,000 BTC gold coin. 


He put the coin in the bank for safekeeping and has no plans to sell because he believes in bitcoin's long-term prospects. 

🟡 Gold coins backed by bitcoins were issued by Casascius from 2011 to 2013. The denominations varied, and there were only six 1,000 BTC coins. Four of them were never bought. 


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