Branding Trends in Website Design Trends 2023


In 2023 creating website designs has significantly evolved because of the advancement of technology more specifically in software applications and online templates that are mainly used in creating and designing websites. Unlike in the past when website design could take literally days or even months nowadays it can be designed within a matter of minutes and sometimes some of the templates can be used for free making the entire process of website design as quick and efficient as possible. Despite the evolution, there are various branding trends that have been used by different website designers.

Here are Branding Trends in Website Design Trends in 2023

1. Minimalistic Design - Despite the number of designs and customization that can be placed into the website more and more creators are looking into more simplistic design and appeal in designing their websites. Aside from the design the selection of colors is also minimal to make it look more formal despite having minimal design.

2. Dark Mode Theme - This theme was first popularized by social media platforms and it is catered to people who do not want their social media accounts in bright colors wherein can irritate their eyes due to long exposures. This also applies to website that has a secondary theme wherein it can be turned on or off to make it adjustable especially if the user is using the site for long periods of time.

3. Addition of 3D Element Design - The addition of certain 3D content such as animations and photos will create an impression to prospective clients that the designer of the website has some animation skills that can easily captivate and spark the curiosity of the site's visitors. The addition of these 3D elements will create an immersive experience that can be beneficial for both the website designer and the site's visitor.

4. Voice User Interface - Because of the advancement of technology designing a website no longer remains to be just a point and click, it even now has a voice user interface wherein certain websites can operate with the use of voice activation, especially if the creator is working on multiple projects or does not have the time to do it manually.

5. Authentic Content - Content is part of website design but it is no longer enough to just copy or download from the internet due to privacy and security concerns this is why the majority of website designers tend to create their own content through photography and videography. This will ensure that their content will remain original and will not have any legal problems in the future.

6. Easy to use Interface - Despite all the advanced features in creating and designing websites it still must have easy to use interface especially if the site's visitors are considered to be none tech-savvy individuals which can be very difficult for them to navigate the website. The interface must have a simple point-and-click interface for accessing information and the contents of the entire website.

Overall before designing a website, the creator must always know who is his/her target audience to be able to properly design the entire interface and the contents of the website to make it appealing and user-friendly without compromising any legal stipulations that can occur in the future.


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