Brave Browser Review 2022

Brave Browser :-

Brave is a unique browser that also comes with its own search engine (also called Brave), but you can choose from six others if you prefer. While it touts its privacy features as being better than Firefox’s and its speed as better than Chrome Browser.


We liked how the Browser looks , but some of my friends did not liked it, so it's more of a Personal choice.


If you're using Chrome or Firefox and want to switch to Brave , then you can import your autofill data, bookmarks, favorites, and history into Brave. If you go into Settings, there’s also an option to import from an HTML file.


Features :- 

Search Engine - 

Brave have 6 search Engine to choose from.







Platforms :-

You can use brave in following systems -

Windows 7 or later 

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.0 or later.

Mobile - Android version 5 or later

               IOS version 13 or later

Linux 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04+, Mint 17+, Debian 9+, openSUSE 15+, Fedora Linux 28+, or CentOS/RHEL 8+


Brave Rewards :-


Brave Private Ads -

Earn tokens by viewing Brave Private Ads. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser. 

Don't worry you'll not get annoying ads and Brave will give you rewards in BAT (Basic Attention Token)


Privacy :-

 According to Brave - Brave's Servers don’t see or store your browsing data (and so they also don’t sell it to third parties). Your data is private, and it remains on your device(s) until you delete it.

Brave's Privacy settings are on by default.


Other privacy and security features include -


Cookie control

“Do Not Track” with browsing requests

Fingerprinting prevention

Password manager

Script blocking

Tracker blocking


Conclusion :-

Overall Brave is good Browser , i liked the Privacy features. I don't see ads on youtube videos also.

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser.


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