Breast cancer

There was a time when breast cancer was called as a dreaded disease. But things have changed now. If it is detected above, this could be easily treated. The elimination of its breast during the treatment of breast cancer can be one of the painful things that would have to happen. It may not be the same case for all patients. With the growing knowledge about cures and treatment, breast cancer can be treated very easily.


Breast cancer occurs when the cell in our breasts known as tumor grows out of control, causing damage to nearby tissues and extend along. These tumors that are cancerous are known as malignant tumors and cause a lot of damage to your body. As a long time is needed so that a tumor grows, it may not be easy to detect tumor during self exam. But these can be detected with mammograms.


Breast cancer The best treatment: Early detection. Once, cancer is detected, it becomes easier for doctors and to achieve it. At the age of 20, all women should start doing sinus self-exam (BSE), is one of the easiest and easiest ways to detect cancer. These checks must be done a few days after their periods. You must do this to review at least once a month. An examination of clinical breasts must be performed at least once a year.


Some of the signs to look, while they were bound.


-A bundle found in and around the nipple or armpit


-Change in size or shape


-Comination of download or nipple inward


-Rescity of the skin or heat.


-Formation of dimple or change in the texture of the skin.


Some of the causes of having breast cancer.


Genre: Being a woman is one of the common reasons for breast cancer. Event Although men suffer from this disease too, just being a woman puts you in great danger.


Age: As you get older, your chances of having breast cancer increases.


Family History: If someone in the family has suffered breast cancer, their chances of having breast cancer increases.


Having overweight or obesity: If you are a woman with overweight, her chances of breast cancer increases after menopause.


Lack of exercise: Being lethargic and the lack of physical activity leads you to increase the weight and possibilities of breast cancer.


Alcohol: Drinking alcohol becomes very risky, as it increases its chances of breast cancer


Methods to prevent breast cancer.


-Turn in a vegetarian


-It has a lot of organic food and vegetables.


-Avoid red meat and any processed food.


-AvAids alcohol and tails.


-You can have something sweet to have Stevia, a herb that is a substitute for any other toxic artificial sweetener.


- Bearing whole grains is very good, like oatmeal, kamut and psyllium, which are a good source of fiber and enters directly into the bloodstream


-A diet should include wheat, saved and cabbage, as they are very nutritious foods that help prevent breast cancer


-Garlic, ginger, carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley and Parsnip have some of the highest cancer nutrients. Include them in your daily diet.


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