BTS is South Korea's Top Idol Group, Here Are 7 Interesting Facts

The world music scene is decorated with various genres of music. In Indonesia itself, several genres of music are loved by various groups such as pop, rock, R&B, dangdut and many others. The latest Korean Pop or K-Pop is also included in the music that is popular with the people in Indonesia.

For example, Korean Pop or K-Pop-style music is thick with modern music sung by idol groups. In addition to the modern type of music, the performances carried by the Ginseng Country idol groups are also very attractive. Actually, what is the meaning of an idol group?

If singers in Indonesia usually consist of individuals or in the form of bands, South Korea has its own concept in decorating the music scene. They are an idol group consisting of at least 3 people per group. Called an idol group because each member goes through a long training period, until they debut as professional public figures.

One of South Korea's top idol groups is BTS. BTS is an acronym for Bangtan Boys. Korean music fans are certainly no stranger to this group. BTS is an idol group consisting of 7 members, namely Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook.


BTS is a global Korean idol group

Debuting on June 13, 2013, BTS has been through the cycle of life that has brought him to be what he is today. Although the seven members have to go through years of training, now BTS has been named the number 1 idol group in South Korea.

The genre of music that BTS brings is K-Pop, EDM, R&B and hip hop. In less than a year, BTS has often dominated the national charts. So, don't be surprised if BTS is one of the most popular Korean idol groups and won many national and international music awards.

Each BTS member has their own role and position in the group. This is in accordance with Korean music culture which requires every idol group to have a leader or leader, as well as a prominent role to show his talents to the general public.



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