Bts Surprised the Army

The guys said that they have been preparing hard for the concert! they have been practicing from 8 a.m. today until now

V said it would have been a big surprise if they didn't actually perform PTD when the concert was titled that way. V paused to read two fan comments: 1) a comment about how Suga looks like an artist, and 2) another request to marry Suga.

RM exclaims that it's almost Halloween, can they believe it? JK asks what people will be wearing. Suga says probably most people will be wearing costumes from Squid Game?

RM apologizes for not giving us as much attention these days, saying it's because of the practice they were doing for the concert.

  But of course SUGA has released a lot of music! RM and JH celebrate his remixes and produced tracks, and JH says he really likes the remixes!

TMI RM: His "ddareungie" bike, which he received as a birthday gift from Jin, is at least twice as fast as the city bikes he previously rented. He admits that its pink color makes it really stand out a lot!

RM adds Gene's TMI: Gene trains the most among them at the moment, almost every day! They say that even when he's wearing a mask, you can see that his face is red !!!

Jin just says he promised to work out when he came to the office, but these days he has had so many reasons to come, his body ends up looking really good!


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