Business at home: 94 profitable ideas

Home Studio

Sewing is a profitable business. Popularity in sewing workshops at home is associated with the ability to get a thing, to fit clothes to the customer's measurements. Therefore, the demand for atelier services is high in large and small cities. It's easy to start a business from scratch - it's enough to purchase sewing equipment, take courses if there are no sewing skills. The specifics of the business organization depend on its type.


Repair and tailoring

Minimum investments at the start: from 30,000 rubles.


Payback period of the company: from 1 month


Launch complexity: **


To open a home studio, a minimum of investments will be required, which will pay off in a period of 1 month. A businessman will not have to purchase expensive equipment and tools. We need a good master.


Tailor for tailoring

A cutter, seamstress or tailor can start a business of repairing and tailoring clothes. It is necessary to understand the intricacies of the sewing business, to study the market, the specifics of the work. You can complete courses and provide services for sewing buttons, replacing zippers, collars, repairing old things, shortening clothes. In the future, it is advisable to add to the list of services the creation of design, the manufacture of costumes and dresses, the execution of replicas of products by famous designers.


Sewing curtains

Initial investment: from 20,000 rubles.


Payback period: 1 month


Complexity: *


Curtains protect from the penetration of sunlight and prying eyes, complement the design, create an atmosphere. Therefore, their tailoring is a great idea for a home business. Since it is difficult to find the best option that fits well into the interior design, customers prefer to contact the atelier. The idea is suitable for creative natures, interior designers, seamstresses, tailors.


Ready-made curtains for sale

To start, create a work area or a room, purchase fabrics, a sewing machine and accessories. Additionally, you need an iron, an overlock, an ironing board. Sewing skills will be required, so take the courses. Find fabric suppliers who are ready to quickly bring the material to the customer's request. Create a page on the Internet for promotion. Publish information, upload photos, pay attention to quality.


Sewing patchwork quilts

Investments at the start: from 10,000 rubles.


Investment return period: from 1 month


The difficulty of implementing the idea: *


Patchwork quilt is a new trend of business at home. The product looks stylish, complements the interior. The blanket is sewn from the remnants of the fabric, picking up the flaps that are combined with each other. At the exit, it is possible to get a designer plaid and interior decoration.


Patchwork Quilt

To get started, you need seamstress skills and designer taste. You will need a sewing machine, material for making blankets, an iron, an ironing board. Create a place to work by equipping it with your convenience in mind. The first customers can be found among acquaintances. Then get involved in promotion – create a page on social networks, actively update the information.


Sewing of potholders and kitchen towels

Investments at the first stage: from 10,000 rubles.


The period of reaching the break-even point: from 30 days


The difficulty of bringing an idea to life: *


When considering a business idea for beginners at home, pay attention to sewing tacks and kitchen towels. The opening of a home atelier is suitable for people who know how to sew and want to make money on creativity.


Kitchen potholders and towels

The idea is simple to implement. You will need: fabric, sewing machine, time to work. You can sew potholders in the form of animals, fruits, create themed towels for the holidays. They will attract the attention of customers. To attract attention, you will show your creativity to your friends, publish your works on social networks.


Sewing clothes for pets

Investments to get started: from 30,000 rubles.


Payback of the idea: from 30 days


Difficulty of implementation: **


Pets are essential human companions. The owners love pets and are willing to spend money for their comfort. Therefore, pet clothes are in demand. It makes them cute, protects them from insects, wind, rain, cold. However, it is more difficult to choose clothes for an animal than for a person. Therefore, the owners turn to private craftsmen who are ready to sew overalls, suits by the standards of a pet.


Animal clothing

When implementing a business idea at home, purchase a standard set and equipment - a sewing machine, an overlock, an iron, an ironing board, scissors, needles, accessories. Sewing clothes for pets requires the skills of a seamstress or tailor. You can't do without specific knowledge. The plus will be the ability to handle animals - sometimes they are brought for fitting.


Making bow ties

Starting costs: from 30,000 rubles.


Break-even period: from 2 months


Difficulties of launching an atelier at home: *


Bow ties are an attribute of a solemn image. Previously, the accessory was worn by men. Now butterflies are also used by girls. The product complements the image, brings a twist to it. Bow ties are made of beads, wool, cotton, leather and fur, feathers, shells, metal, synthetics. The materials are diverse. Their appearance is limited only by fantasy. Butterflies are complemented with embroidery, decorated with additional elements.


Bow ties

In order for entrepreneurship to benefit, you need imagination and the ability to sew. Come up with original models, keep an eye on the market. To start a company at home, you need equipment. Buy a thermal gun, an electric jigsaw, sewing accessories, a grinding machine, consumables, and other tools. The cost of the product is 80-500 rubles. depending on the material and complexity of manufacture. The average market price of a bow tie is 1500 rubles. The goods are bought by young people, wealthy businessmen, people preparing for the celebration.


Manufacture of eco-leather products

The cost of launching a campaign at home: from 50,000 rubles.


The period of reaching the break-even point: from 2 months


Complexity: **


Eco-leather products emphasize the status of the owner, demonstrate individuality. The material is popular because the production of products does not harm animals. Goods made of classic leather fade into the background, giving way to products made of ecological materials of non-animal origin. Business at home is characterized by the absence of a narrow focus. By bringing eco-leather products to life, you can start manufacturing accessories, making briefcases, bags, and clothing items.


The equipment is necessary for the work of the atelier. In addition to standard sewing machines, you will need equipment for cutting and embossing, knives and scissors, accessories, lamps. To increase the speed of order fulfillment, choose computerized sewing machines. Consider the functionality of the equipment for cutting and embossing.


Tailoring of eco-bags

Expenses at the start: from 10,000 rubles.


Payback period: from 30 days


Launch difficulty: *


Opening a mini-business at home, start sewing eco-bags. This is a new trend that is actively gaining popularity. Concern for the environment, concern for the future of the earth, popularization of the right approach to waste disposal encourages buyers to make a choice in favor of environmental materials. The demand for eco-bags is growing. Buyers want to use practical and beautiful products. Therefore, customers turn to masters at home.


Eco-bags are stylish

To bring the idea to life, study the list of eco-friendly materials. Then purchase equipment and tools, prepare a corner for work at home. Sewing skills, knowledge of trends, the ability to create beautiful bags will be required. Don't forget about the promotion. Without advertising, the idea will not bring profit.


Production of pear chairs

Initial investment amount: from 40,000 rubles.


Implementation period: from 60 days


Difficulty level: **


The pear chair perfectly complements the interior, makes it unusual, practical. Original furniture will be the highlight of the house. The pear chair will allow you to enjoy rest and relaxation. Their production is simpler than the manufacture of standard furniture.


Pear chairs are very comfortable

To bring a business idea to life, you do not need to purchase a lot of equipment and hire a large staff. Sewing machines, an overlock, a table for cutting, for cutting parts, a vacuum cleaner for filling ready-made covers, locks, threads, materials for stuffing covers will be required. Specific education is not required. It will be possible to find patterns for sewing on the Internet. You can develop them yourself by providing customers with original pear chairs.


Applying prints to clothes

Investments at the start: from 50,000 rubles.


Payback period: from 3 months


The difficulty of implementing an idea at home: **


Putting prints on clothes allows you to personalize a thing, it serves as a tool for self-realization. Printing on clothes is ordered by customers of all ages. Finished products serve as a souvenir, are used for advertising purposes.


Print on clothes

To make an idea for a home business profitable, purchase a thermal press, an inkjet or laser printer, as well as replaceable cartridges. It is necessary to allocate a part of the room for the placement of equipment.


Sewing of car covers

The size of the investment at the start: from 40,000 rubles.


Payback of the idea: from the 1st month


The difficulty of bringing an idea to life: **


The ubiquity of cars increases the demand for accessories. Car owners of vehicles strive to protect the car from damage. The use of covers prolongs the service life of the seats, changes the appearance of the interior. The product is made of eco-leather, other dense materials that prevent wear and contamination.


Custom car covers

Sewing equipment, materials, sewing skills are necessary for the production of car covers. Study the specifics of the sphere, find out the specifics of manufacturing products. To make the case last longer, use a multi-layer material that repels moisture and has a breathable surface. Usually, pre-treated polyester has such properties. Make a choice in favor of gray materials. They have reflective properties. However, there may be deviations from the rules depending on the wishes of customers.


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